Why Should You Have All the Fun?

Pure Taboo
Why Should You Have All the Fun?

In this MILF edition of Pure Taboo, we’re treated to such tasty vintage stars as Sheena Ryder, Katie Morgan and (a personal fave, since she’s typically down for anything) Dee Williams, with each of the tales (i.e., the title story with Ryder, as well as “Codependent” starring Morgan and Williams) featuring a threesome that’s highly whackworthy.

In “Why Should You Have All the Fun?”, we learn that Codey Steele has been banging his sexy stepmother, played by sultry/curvaceous brunette Sheena Ryder, for a while; consequently, his best bud, played by Dante Colle, is jealous and also wants a piece of the action, with both lads having an all-or-nothing bet, which Colle wins, meaning that they get to share Ryder, ultimately developing into a scorching double penetration. After being taken aback by the boys’ salacious suggestion, Ryder does get into the twisted spirit of things. “Flattery will get you everywhere,” she hornily tells Colle, with Sheena soon turning into an absolute slut. But the threesome is realistically handled, as well, in that Ryder wants the guys to swear not to tell anyone… or else! “I will not go down for this by myself,” she insists. Ryder then coquettishly tells Colle, “And maybe if you do a good job, we can do it again. We’ll have to see.” Sheena is just so turned on by the whole spectacle, it’s a blast watching her in action. She’s also an amazing cocksucker, frequently going balls-deep with each baseball bat shoved down her gullet.

Doggie with meaty morsel Ryder is fantastic, with her bountiful cheeks wobbling every which way; cowgirl being just as insane, includes some awesome squatting action. And as long as a cock is available, Sheena never stops hacking on a raging boner. Colle cracks her anus during reverse cowgirl, followed by a smokin’ reverse-cowgirl DP, followed by an even more rockin’ doggie DP, with Dante still in Ryder-rectum (looks like step-son Steele is gonna have to fuck her ass later that night), evolving into a double facial, which Ryder adores. And, for this usually dark series, this particular story is largely upbeat, making for a nice change of pace.

In “Codependent,” the taboo of bigamy is X-plored, with MILFs Dee Williams and Katie Morgan being shared by the obnoxious/intimidating Dick Chibbles; the three characters being somewhat religious on the surface, but down below they’re degenerates who ultimately partake in a torrid threesome. Williams and Morgan are already jealous of one another, unbeknownst to Chibbles, who comes home with the news that he wants to add a new female edition to their “family”, which both ladies resent — though they don’t express their feelings to Chibbles — resulting in the two gals “bonding,” especially when Chibbles starts neglecting them; both ladies soon getting down and dirty with one another. Uptight Dick, however, soon suspects that they might be getting intimate, creating some definite tension, with Chibbles suggesting that the three of them “spend more time together,” making way for a nasty ménage a trois. The acting in this segment is superb, by the way, making the situation all the more believable.

And there are numerous erotic highlights, indeed, with “Codependent”, including both MILFs gobbling down Dick-dong, with Williams doing an especially grand job of inhaling Chib-dick. Things definitely come to a boil when Dick starts banging Williams via missionary… a few times, even. Morgan knows how to ride Chib-dick well during cowgirl, as does huge-hootered Dee, who seems to lose it big time, before she starts devouring Dick’s boner again, with Dee jacking Chibbles’ cum sauce all over Morgan’s own big boobies, and the ever-dirty Dee slurping up the jizz and happily cum-suming it. The ladies, however, are ultimately shown in just as negative a light as Chibbles’ jerky character, as they admit to being materialistic slaves to money and comfort.

This Pure Taboo entry is definitely nasty enough for hardcore porn veterans — especially the filthy Sheena Ryder DP — but, as the storylines are provocative and the acting excellent, the movie is also terrific for exploring couples.


Paul (Dante Colle) is over at his best friend Dave's house when Dave (Codey Steele) blurts out that he had sex with his stepmom, Sharon (Sheena Ryder)! Paul seems blown away by what Dave is telling him, but also a little jealous. Paul hasn't done much to hide his attraction to Sharon ever since she joined the family. As they talk more about the sex, Paul's eyes glint opportunistically as he gets an idea. He suggests that next time it DOES happen... maybe HE could join in too. After all, two are better than one!

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