Wants What She Can’t Have

Wants What She Can’t Have

“Wants What She Can’t Have” and “God Help Me” are two stories from Pure Taboo involving seduction, marvelously highlighting the decadent — and troublemaking! — charms of Jill Kassidy and Eliza Eves.

Always a personal favorite, restaurant worker Jill is surprised and bothered when she finds out that her boss, played by Charles Dera, is married —and happily so — with the wicked little schemer immediately making it a point of seducing him behind the bar (which luckily happens after lunch, when the place has only two customers), although Dera’s wife (Ryan Keely in a non-sex role) is in the bathroom while Jill is sucking her employer’s dick, with Keely eventually coming out and, just as luckily, not busting her hubby, as Jill is unseen beneath the counter while mouth-massaging Dera-meat. Once his wife leaves, Charles is angry with Jill, since he thinks she’s actually trying to ruin his marriage, and, thus, throws a grudge-fuck into her, including choking, tit-slapping, and hair-pulling, all of which the little hussy loves. I’m surprised, actually, that the two customers can’t hear our loud lovebirds at play, though Dera does make Jill control her moans and, thus, “play by (his) rules.” After her fairly loud suck-job, Kassidy gets drilled missionary style upon the inside counter of the bar, gobbling Charles’ dick whenever possible.

A customer, however, does almost catch the two in action, as Kassidy blows Dera for a third time, making Dera all the more cautious and, in turn, making him readily haul Jill’s delicious ass into the ladies’ room to finish what they started. Standing doggie is fantastic, especially with Jill’s well-known fine fanny, followed by missionary with Jill moaning on top of the bathroom counter. For cowgirl, they move into a stall, with Dera sitting on the toilet as Kassidy rides him, and it’s the best position in the entire scene, what with that big Cass-ass violently shaking and quaking. Dera eventually wants to jerk off on “that pretty face,” while Kassidy wants to “swallow all that cum” — both of which they do. So, does Dera get caught? Tune in and see.

In the next story, “God Help Me,” a mother is concerned that her daughter, played by Eliza Eves, is out of control, leading mom to contact their priest, played by Tommy Pistol, who winds up getting seriously seduced by the problem 18-year-old. What’s really special about this scene is Eliza, who looks like such a normal, everyday young woman. I mean, she looks like such a fish out of water, it always makes her scenes all the more special. I especially love her meaty ass, which is totally in our faces throughout much of the sequence. Eliza has just the right amount of baby fat to make her really stand out amongst her female porn peers. Pistol and Eliza do it right in her bedroom, while Eliza’s on-screen mother, apparently not knowing what’s going on, patiently waits elsewhere in the house. Doggie is, of course, outstanding, with the succulent Eves’ behind, as is cowgirl, the latter during which Eves really takes over. She’s also good at cock-gagging. There’s more doggie, and it’s even more pounding than the first round. So, does Eliza’s mother walk in on her — and the priest — in mid-fuck? Sorry. No spoilers here.

Both Jill and Eliza are excellent at playing absolute shit-stirrers, with our two stars equally excelling at the sucking and fucking, which ensues during their separate steamy tales of immoral seduction. And, sexually-speaking, there’s nothing too outrageous in “Wants What She Can’t Have,” making it a good pick for both devoted hardcore viewers and curious couples.


Lola (Jill Kassidy), a teen waitress at a bar seduces her unsuspecting married boss Tim (Charles Dera). Lola aggressively comes onto Tim. He tries to resist but ultimately can't as she begins to suck his dick behind the bar. It's time for Tim to make a choice. But is it already too late for him to make the right one? Molly (Crystal Taylor) is a devout woman who just wants to do good in her life. However, her teen daughter Juliet (Eliza Eves) leads a sinful life and Molly is so desperate that she eventually invites her priest, Father Davis (Tommy Pistol), to try and talk to her. Juliet's going to get her mom to stop bothering her once and for all... and sweet Father Davis is going to help her.

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