The Allowance

The Allowance


Melissa Santana

2018 XBIZ Best New Studio PureTaboo’s “The Allowance” is dark, grimy and painfully sexy. Once again, the ever talented Bree Mills, who recently took home the 2018 XBIZ Director of the Year award (amidst a slew of others), coaxes out the best performances from her cast. Both Elena Koshka and Derrick Pierce act their asses off, and fuck fantastically.

In this mini-feature — the whole movie is actually two one-hour-ish long scenes — Elena plays an innocent, naive teenage girl, whose loser boyfriend signs her up for a sugar daddy site. He needs money. She’s super fucking hot. It makes sense.

It doesn’t take long for men to start hitting Elena up. Derrick, in particular, is very intrigued in Elena. Her pictures are hauntingly beautiful; showcasing her pale face, dark blue eyes and even darker eye makeup. Instantly, Derrick offers up money and gifts, which Elena’s broke ass boyfriend greedily takes. When Derrick offers a hefty $25k to meet Elena in person, the boyfriend is relentless and forces Elena to go.

It’s during these moments prior to her meetup with Derrick that Elena really shines acting-wise. She breathes in and out, looking back to her boyfriend with genuine fear in her eyes. She looks like a deer in headlights, eyes exceptionally wide when Derrick opens the door. Derrick is a fierce actor, too. Like a tiger seeking his prey, Derrick pounces at the opportunity to fuck Elena.

And damn, he’s fucking rough. He really, really uses and abuses Elena’s delicate, pale skin. “You’re here to please me,” Derrick reminds Elena, who is shaking under his touch. He tells her, too, that he does not care about her pleasure … but his actions dictate otherwise. He spends an ample amount of time eating her out, making her squirm in pleasure.

“Yes, daddy!” Elena moans, pushing against Derrick’s dick in doggie. “Use me! Use my body!” It doesn’t take long for Derrick to jizz inside of Elena. Once he’s fully satisfied, he doesn’t hesitate in pushing her out the door.

Back in her boyfriend’s car, Elena is teary-eyed, really tugging at your heart strings while the car drives away. PureTaboo really knows how to mess with your feelings! Elena getting used ‘n’ abused by a sugar daddy shouldn’t be this hot, but it is!

The next scene is just as taboo and sexy. In “The Babysitting Job,” cute-as-fuck Cadey Mercury plays a young 18-year-old virgin in desperate need of a job. In comes Mick Blue, a semi-creepy dad who is in desperate need of a babysitter.

As soon as Cadey arrives for her first day, Mick is on the prowl. He looks at her with such an intensity, it would be uncomfortable if he wasn’t so handsome. Mick tells Cadey that the only way she can keep this job is if she has sex with him. Cadey doesn’t say no outright, just that she’s a virgin! Who better to teach Cadey how to have sex than Mick!

The chemistry is unreal, and Mick really is a fantastic teacher. He instructs her carefully on how to jerk him off, then presses her head down on his dick. Cadey chokes on his cock before Mick’s moving on to pleasuring her. The duo fuck passionately. I definitely don’t get the virgin vibe from Cadey at all … but maybe Mick’s just that good! Despite the taboo theme of daddy/younger, Mick makes himself really likable in this scene. He pleasures Cadey with such delicateness, it really feels like two lovers connecting.

These two mini-flicks were extremely enjoyable. Both girls play “naïve” well, and Derrick is always a stand out performer. Bree Mills really knows how to direct ‘em!


A beautiful but naive girl (Elena Koshka) begins corresponding with a wealthy older sugar daddy (Derrick Pierce), believing this will fund her dream of moving in with her boyfriend. He wants her to call him Daddy, and in exchange, he provides her with an allowance.


Melissa Santana