Half His Age: A Teenage Tragedy

Half His Age: A Teenage Tragedy

Bree Mills is a goddamn genius, seriously. And Craven Moorehead? A fucking genius, too … and not just for his witty name! PureTaboo’s debut release, “Half His Age: A Teenage Tragedy” is phenomenal. From the camerawork, to the intimate sex scenes, down to the casting choices … PureTaboo is truly some next level pornography. Each and every performer seriously gave it their all. If it weren’t for the, y’know, graphic fucking, I could easily see this title played out on the big screen.

In part one of “Half His Age: A Teenage Tragedy,” manly-man Charles Dera plays a high school soccer coach who’s fallen for his student, played by Jill Kassidy (really, who wouldn’t fall in love with her?). After some really dope aerial shots of Charles coaching Jill and some other girls on the soccer field, we get to the first sex scene. Sneaky little vixen Jill leaves Charles a note that says, “Daddy, I know how much you love my pussy after practice !! Meet me in the men’s room and I’ll suck your dick!” Of course he meets her in the men’s room! The sex is explosive. Jill really knows how to please her daddy, and Charles is a fantastic fucker too. He fucks her against a wall, rails her in reverse cowgirl then props her up against a sink to eat her out and make her cum. While the duo gets saucy, Kristen Scott, also playing a student, stumbles into the restroom and sees the action happening. Lost in their moment, the couple fails to notice Kristen, who has since pulled her phone out and shed her panties. She records the encounter while fingering herself. (Uh oh!)

Back home, Kristen talks to her big step-brother, played by Small Hands, about what she saw at school. She hands over the video, which sparks an idea in Small Hands’ head. They’re going to blackmail Jill because her dad is filthy rich. Both Small Hands and Kristen show some real fucking impressive acting chops in this scene. They bounce off each other very well; you really feel the trust between them, and Kristen’s fear is palpable. She plays the role of a naive, little girl stuck in the crossfire amazingly. Once Small Hands instructs Kristen on how to properly blackmail her friend, the duo seal the deal with some sex. They fuck on the couch and it’s deliciously rough. Small Hands takes the lead, and is very vocal with instructions. Kristen, who can take a huge dick down her entire throat, still stays true to her character — she’s shy, but extremely eager to please. When Small Hands smacks her cheek after a particularly deep dickin’, she says, “Thank you.” It’s fucking sexy. Kristen is a stand out, for sure.

Part two features yet another impressive acting bit from Kristen, as well as from Jill. Following Small Hands’ directions, Kristen meets up with Jill to lay out the plan. In this scene, Kristen’s character is much less shy — in fact, she’s almost evil, delivering threat after threat. If Jill doesn’t fork up 10 grand, then everyone will know “that she’s just Mr. Davies’ (Dera’s character) little whore.” Kristen gets her answer .... a vase to the head!

Back to Mr. Davies … his wife, played by Cherie DeVille, decides to try out a little roleplay. Cherie, wearing Jill’s uniform that she left behind in Charles’ dufflebag, convinces him to act out the good ol’ fashioned teacher/student scenario. While getting down and dirty, Charles starts to imagine Jill in her place. Soon enough both Cherie and Jill are at Charles’ whim. He fucks them roughly, takes turns dipping his dick into both their wet pussies, and finally cums on Cherie’s ass. Just as he’s about to start cuddling with his wife, Jill calls him frantically.

She admits to Kristen’s blackmailing and asks that he quickly rush over to help him take care of Kristen’s limp body. While there, he calms Jill down and sends her to her room to nap while he deals with Kristen, who’s just woken up.

I’ll stop spoiling the story now, but let me just tell you … this one is worth the fucking watch, not just for the sex, but to see who gets murdered! That’s right … someone gets murdered, and the aftermath (which is also part three of the storyline!) will make your jaw drop.

Back to the sex, Kristen and Charles fuck on a couch while Jill listens. He hammers into her in spoon position, then fucks her with her face down on the couch. Eventually Jill joins in — there’s a really special moment where Jill is flat on her back on top of Kristen’s back while Charles nails Kristen in doggie … and it’s not to be missed!

The last sex scene is a foursome between Jill, Kristen, Small Hands and the extremely handsome Xander Corvus, who totally shows off his acting skills even in the little amount of screentime he’s given in this feature. The gang gets wild while Charles watches, unable to touch. It’s probably my favorite scene in the whole feature; Kristen and Jill look hot getting dick-downed side by side, kissing while Small Hands and Xander egg each other. They take turns slobbing on each dick, alternating between each boy. Both girls are tremendous dick suckers, and the boys aren’t bad at pleasing the girls either! They fuck doggie, missionary and round out the scene by having sex on top of a table. It’s a sick ending to the movie, but a sexy one.

For those of you, like myself, who love their smut with a lot of story … make sure you take this one home. The cast acts their asses off, and the sex scenes are downright dirty. There’s no sugarcoating in “Half His Age: A Teenage Tragedy” — y’all wanted taboo and you’re going to get it. Awesome damn job, Bree.


Mr. Davies (Charles Dera) is your stereotypical handsome high-school teacher - the one that all the school girls have a crush on. Problem is, Mr. Davies hasn't been able to keep his hands out of the cookie jar. For the past few months, he's been having an affair with one of his students, the beautiful but naive 18-year-old Lola (Jill Kassidy). The daughter of a rich businessman, Lola has fallen completely in love and thinks the couple are going to run away together. Mr. Davies, on the other hand, knows that they will need to break up ... especially before he gets caught by the school board or his wife (Cherie DeVille.) But their affair is sent into a tailspin after another student, the socially awkward Heather (Kristen Scott), discovers their secret and decides to use it to her demented family's advantage. Also starring Small Hands and Xander Corvus, this taboo drama reminds us all of what it's like to be young, in love, and losing your mind.

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