She Wants a DILF! 2

She Wants a DILF! 2

A DILF stands for a Dad I’d Like to Fuck; which, of course, is the flipside of a MILF (a Mother I’d Like to Fuck). This POV entry from Nubiles does have the male performers doubling as camera operators (meaning we get a bit of that shaky cam), while also featuring superb, fresh suck/fuck female talent as Lacy Lennon and (wow!) Kenzie Madison.

Ella Cruz is a sleepy-eyed brunette newbie who gets the DILF treatment after her girlfriend’s dad catches her taking nude pics of herself up on the rooftop of his home. The guy is further appalled when he finds out that his own daughter is also taking/selling in-the-raw photos of herself. Ella feels guilty and doesn’t want her girlfriend to get busted, suggesting that she use dad’s anonymous dick in action for her nude pics. How can one resist such a doe-eyed, luscious little pixie as Ella? He can’t. Reverse-cowgirl (shot as cowgirl from pop’s perspective) is terrific, really spotlighting Cruz’s beautiful booty. Doggie is especially slammin’, with the slut groaning when dad smacks her already-quivering butt cheeks. Ella eventually deepthroats the heavily panting guy, resulting in his eruption of jizz all over her perfect boobies.

Next, the exceptionally delicious Kenzie Madison is caught by her boyfriend’s father when she’s putting a slur about said boyfriend in shaving cream on dad’s sliding glass door, leading to his banging the tasty morsel on a jumbo-sized couch. After Kenzie is busted by pops, he asks her to come inside and discuss the whole matter, with Kenz willing to “work something out” so that he doesn’t tell her parents about what she did, adding that she really likes older men. Um-hmm. For the record, Kenz is a total cock-inhaler. Maddy also has one of the biggest, roundest, juiciest butts in the movie, the flesh just vibrating like mad as dad doggie-drills his dick on home. Kenz offers wonderful eye contact and lustful expressions during missionary, with more grand butt-shaking (and lots of it!) during reverse-cowgirl. And I just adore her cute expression when she blows dad off to ejaculation. Kenz even swallows. What a sweetheart!

Redheaded DVD cover babe-a-roo Lacy Lennon is mad at her girlfriend, thinking that the latter has fucked her boyfriend behind her back, and opening up her heart (and more!) to her GFF’s dad, with Lace wanting to get revenge from both boyfriend and girlfriend by fucking the father himself — which she does. Not surprising, the lovely Ms. Lennon easily seduces the dude, who babbles “This is so wrong” as she mouth-worships his cock with lots of saliva and tongue — and for a long time, too! The little tramp even rims him. Nasty! She’s hot and bothered during missionary, while LL rides dad like a true pro during cowgirl. And don’t miss our lucky-fuck father diving deep inside Lennon during doggie, before creaming a major load all over her smiling face and dee-lish all-natch tits.

Another sleepy-eyed sweetie is Vivianna Mulino, whose father’s longtime male buddy is giving her a place to stay while she’s experiencing hard times, evolving into the curvy beauty letting the older guy bang her big time. After he finds that Mulino’s room is still messy after telling her numerous times to clean it up, our elder Romeo tells her to clean up the whole damn house before he returns home. But when pops does get home, the dishes are still in the sink, so he decides to “give (Vivianna) some discipline”, readily spanking her superior posterior. Yet Viv gets more and more turned on as he smacks her behind, morphing into standing doggie against the sink, followed by missionary-pumping upon it, before Viv drops to her knees and takes a face o’ cock-squirt all over eyes, nose, and mouth. Yes!

Each and every young vixen featured in SWAD2 rocks the people’s cock, though I confess to having a special soft/hard spot for big-bootied, wide-eyed and beaming Kenzie Madison. A recommended horny (and humorous!) title.


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