Family Pies 20: 3some Edition

Family Pies 20: 3some Edition

Nubiles presents a POV-style parody of the "Family Ties" television show. "Family Pies 20: 3some Edition," however, is not a true-to-art parody, but more like a kink project inspired by the source material.

Jane Wilde, Jessie Saint, Mackenzie Moss, Damon Dice ("My Stepsisters Seduce Me on Valentine's Day"):

Three stepsisters — Jane, Jessie and Mackenzie — all leave their stepbrother Damon secret-admirer cards for Valentine's Day. They each have a huge crush on him, and they each try to seduce him individually in their own way. But when they all realize they've gotten nowhere with him individually, they decide to combine their powers to defeat his resolve — with spectacular results! Any threesome that features Jane Wilde is a win, and when you add spitfires like Jessie Saint and Mackenzie Moss, you win the whole damn thing. All three ladies get plenty of work from Damon Dice's cock here, with Jane looking the most wanton (her eyes are just killer). Mackenzie gets the cream pie at the end as she gazes into the audience's eyes lustfully.

Jessie Saint, Kyler Quinn, Codey Steele ("Valentine's Day Dick in a Bag"):

Jessie Saint and Kyler Quinn lament their lack of crushes for Valentine's Day, and Jessie suggests they give their cards to Kyler's very honorable stepbrother. But when Codey Steele reads the cards, he decides to show another side of himself to his stepsister and her friend: a naughty side they've not seen before. The entire scene is shot as if on a cell phone, which puts the action more up-close and personal. Kyler rides Codey a lot here, showing off her swivel hips and perky nipples while Jessie rides Codey's face. When Kyler slips off his cock, Jessie slurps her juices off him like a right proper slut.

Ginger Gray, Penelope Kay, Rico Hernandez ("Is That a Shark in Your Pants?"):

Ginger Gray and Penelope Kay are playing with toy sharks in celebration of Shark Month when Penelope's stepbrother comes in and interrupts their fun. A dirty challenge from Rico Hernandez inspires Ginger to suggest they just fuck each other to break the sexual tension between them. Did you ever see a woman rub her clit with a toy shark? Tune in, folks, because this scene is full of "things-I-never- thought-I'd-see" moments. After some kinky toy play, Rico joins the fun and gives Ginger a potent poking from behind. But when Penelope offers her fresh pussy up for a turn, Rico goes absolutely wild on her. Penelope gets worked over big time, her amazing tits flopping around like balloons in the wind.

Andi Rose, Kyler Quinn, Kyle Mason ("Love Notes From My Stepsister"):

Kyler admits to her best friend Andi Rose that she's been wanting to fuck either her stepdad or her stepbrother, and Valentine's Day seems like the perfect time to do it. Her plan is to leave them both dirty notes and see who responds first. Intrigued, Andi offers to help her. Then, they both strip and change into something more sexy and wait to see who the big winner is. After what seems like ages, Kyler's stepbrother comes in and sheepishly cashes in the "see my tits" note. That's all it takes for Kyler and Andi to descend on him like a pack of wolves. They both stuff their mouths with his thick cock, chuckling and giggling at how naughty and exciting the whole thing is. Andi gets her pussy worked first, riding Kyle enthusiastically as Kyler watches with a big smile on her face. Andi's got a dynamite body, and her voice takes on a sultry tone when she's in the throes of passion. Kyler follows suit, grinding her pussy all over her stepbrother's cock and trembling with pleasure as he moans loudly. Her pussy coaxes Kyle's load out of him in a flash, and Andi happily covers Kyler's pussy with her mouth so she can taste every drop.


What do you do when you discover that your step-cousin, step-sister, and adopted sister (Jane Wilde, Jessie Saint, Mackenzie Moss) all confess to crushing on you? Well, if you're lucky Damon, you get to pound those 3 sweet pussies all at the same time, leave your load in Jessie's wet hole and watch it as it drips out!

Jessie Saint & Kyler Quinn make Valentine's cards for Jessie's stepbrother who thinks the girls are coming on to him. The girls feel bad that he misinterpreted their good intentions and decide to give him the ultimate Valentine's gift and open their mouths and spread their legs for his hard cock!

Ginger Grey can't help but notice that Penelope Kay and her stepbrother are fighting and getting on each other's nerves because of sexual tension. She decides to take matters into her own hands by creating a tasty threesome with these naughty step-siblings!

Kyler Quinn confesses to Andi Rose that she has a naughty desire to fuck her stepfather or stepbrother. The girls agree to leave sexy notes around the house and whoever confronts the girls first is the guy they are going to fuck. Lucky for him, Kyler' stepbrother is the first to take the bait!

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