Swallowed.com, Vol. 48

Swallowed.com, Vol. 48

If you think that a blowjob is a blowjob, is a blowjob, then you’ve been hibernating way too long. Wake up and enjoy the uber cocksucking! These days, ladies sucking dick on camera is akin to Olympic athletes in action. There’s choking, gagging, eye-bulging, gasping, rolfing, deep-breathing, spitting, cum-eating, and sometimes even ass-eating. Quite a workout! And you get all of the above with “Swallowed.com, Vol. 48,” a particularly superb volume in that it’s loaded to the gills with a small army of big-boobed, big-assed young ladies craving cock being crazily crammed down their throats. Hooray!

Blonde Southern belle Jazlyn Ray — and her gorgeous face, sweet ass, and amazing, all-natural, slinky boobies — is up at bat first, getting the full “Swallowed.com” treatment from director/performer Mike Adriano. After Mike gorges on Ray’s rectum and pussy, the pretty young thang deepthroats his penis with a vengeance, using plenty of spit and tongue, while it’s a total turn-on watching those perfect tits get all slick with her own saliva, before (“Gimme your cum,” Jaz almost demands) Mike erupts tapioca all over her cake hole. “So yummy!” she beams, after swallowing his entire load o’ love. She’s fantastic! There is truly amazing tongue action, too, from Jazlyn throughout, as she frequently goes balls-deep with Mike-meat.

One of my true faves in the biz, brunette fox Mona Azar, is totally up for getting her throat destroyed, in this case by Logan Long — and Mona’s definitely got the big lips, tits, and butt to make things all the more dick-bursting. After Logan worships her anus, Moan returns the flavor, really rimmin’ him good. Lucky bastard! And talk about a sloppy (in the best sense of the word!) blowjob artiste. Loud, too. I also dig seeing her large, swingin’ tits all shimmering from her own spit as she’s righteously face-fucked. And watch her mouth get cock-dunked when she’s upside-down, leading to Logan depositing cock cream down her gullet. Naturally, awesome Azar devours every drop.

Valentina Jewels is a thick, curvy, tattooed tart who suffocates on Logan’s loaf well; that’s in addition to eating his butthole, while she produces a phenomenal amount of loog during her own merciless throat invasion. And check out those huge hooters just getting inundated, cocooned with her overload of spit, before the bodacious, deepthroating slut has her mouth filled with dick sauce. This delightfully dirty damsel even licks some errant sperm up off o’ the couch. Good girl! “Call me Valentina Drools now,” she chimes. Love her!

Next, the ever-loony Adira Allure begins by showing off her new tits, before devouring Logan’s love-sicle, getting intensely face-fucked, and even managing to squirt up Logan’s ass. And absolutely no woman’s eyes bulge quite like the ones in Adira’s skull. They pop, cross, turn red, disappear — it’s a show in itself! And Logan, ever the romantic, winds up getting most of his bleach-like custard in her eyeballs. Bingo!

And we finish with quite an explosion, as Logan (does the dude ever break for lunch?) gets his dick outrageously sucked by the hefty chested Lolly Dames and the fair-skinned Samantha Reigns, as they both share, in wildly unruly fashion, Monsieur Long’s ever-throbbing baguette. It’s highly arousing watching each lady eat the other babe’s butthole. And yes, they eventually double-team on Logan-anus; Samantha eventually squirts all over Logan’s dick (and Lolly’s face). Dames produces an inhuman amount of fluid all over Logan prick while Sammy is licking his crack. Nasty. Actually, I think Lolly is regurgitating the martinis she drank earlier that day. Choice! And she does it three times! Lolly also squirts a bit, before both ladies’ throats get dick-assaulted while their heads are upside-down on the edge of the sofa, with lover boy Logan soon blasting boner batter all over their screaming faces.

Nope, blowjobbin’ just does not get any better than this freaky 48th volume of “Swallowed.com,” with each girl truly shining (figuratively and literally!); although my faves are definitely cock/sperm junkies Jazlyn, Mona and Valentina. Not-to-be missed oral filth!


Dirty director Mike Adriano brings kinky signature touches to the five wet, wild blowjob scenes of "Swallowed.com Volume 48." Copious spit flows as shamelessly hungry, thirsty girls suck big cock, lap balls and tongue bunghole! Southern belle Jazlyn Ray loves getting nasty with jumbo boners. She stuffs Mike's thick prick down her gullet, slobbering and choking as she slurps, sloppy spit cascading over her natural tits throughout. The graphic face fuck climaxes as Mike blasts her with a hot cum facial. Super-stacked, thick-thighed sex star Mona Azar discusses her love for cocksucking. She lewdly rims Logan Long's asshole! His lengthy rod soon drills the depths of her hungry throat; Mona drools and gasps throughout. Hot slobber coats the span of Logan's long schlong, and Mona struggles to bury the fat tool deepthroat-style. She swallows sperm. In a skimpy schoolgirl outfit, busty hottie Valentina Jewels eagerly takes Logan's massive meat in her cake hole. Hot BJ action comes with a saliva-soaked titty fuck and hard tonsil reaming, plus wicked Valentina's rude rimming. She collects her spit in a glass while Logan pounds her mouth, and then pours the raunchy concoction into her throat! Busty blonde Adira Allure always competes to prove how filthy she can be. She performs a sexy lingerie tease-and-pose intro, and then drops to her knees to give messy head. Orgasmic Adira squirts girl cum as she fellates Logan hot pussy juice erupts like a geyser from her gash! Samantha Reigns, a cute, pale, redhead, pairs with Lolly Dames, a buxom, bodacious MILF, for a dirty-talking threesome. The babes make out, sharing lesbian cunnilingus and sphincter licking. Dolly spits in Samantha's face! Next, the girls go bonkers on Logan. Fellatio action includes supercharged oral cramming, and both dirty girls crudely lave his anus! Dolly buzzes a wand over her twat, generating a squirting orgasm, and Samantha opens wide to taste Dolly's gusher! Logan shoots sperm into Samantha's oral hole. The ladies swap semen mouth-to-mouth, each swallowing a portion.

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