Swallowed.com, Vol. 44

Swallowed.com, Vol. 44

Rather than six, seven or eight young ladies doing balls-deep blowjobs, director Mike Adriano focuses this time on five sizzling deepthroat babes. And it’s absolutely marvelous nasty oral action care of Evil Angel and Swallowed.com.

It doesn’t get any better/filthier than Holly Hendrix, who’s really maturing into quite the scrumptious woman, here showing that she’s one of the best dick inhalers in the entire business. The wet, sucking sounds she makes alone are unearthly! She uses her spit like an artist with paints, lubing Adriano’s love-sicle with oodles of loog, capturing her spit in a plastic martini glass and pouring it onto his raging hard-on when needed. She also eats his ass. “It makes me feel like a nasty whore,” Hendrix proudly tells Adriano as she rims him. Watch her eyes disappear into her head during some of the longest deepthroating I’ve ever seen; Hendrix goes back and forth between boner and butt. She’s out of this world! Don’t miss this phenomenal performance.

“Oh… there’s no more left,” Hendrix sadly states after licking up all of Adriano’s cum. “I want more. I don’t wanna be done.” Videographer Logan Long then asks her, “Will you come back and see us again?” “Again?!” she haughtily asks him. “Like in 30 minutes? — so I can get more dick?” The insatiable Hendrix then wags her fine ass towards the camera. She’s priceless!

Another memorable segment is with cute brunette Nina Pink (great name), whose undoubtedly velvet-like throat Long gets to invade with his overworked penis — and man, does Pink have an awesome body. After Long rims her, Pink starts hackin’ on hose, getting loads of saliva all over her chin and tits. She’s got a great pair of boobies, too. Pink’s upside-down blowjob shows how filthy she’s willing to get; her piercing eyes are looking at the camera, as her own spit cascades towards said eyeballs, while Long continues to dick-plunge her mouth. Good girl! He continues mercilessly face-fucking her in this position, before blasting Logan love liquid all over Pink’s awaiting tongue. Again, those eyes are incredible. Pinks hungrily licks her hands and face clean of cum.

Blonde pixie Jessie Saint presents another fine bit of dick gagging. “Ohhhh, I like eating ass,” she coos to the camera while licking Long’s backside, after Long eats her ass and she blows his prick for a bit. Saint is fun to watch because she tries so hard, doing her best to get all of that long Logan log into her mouth.

Next, we have the gorgeous (yep, she’s one of my faves) Aria Lee in one of the gonzo’s longest scenes — and one of its best! What a precious smile on this sweetheart. And talk about a world-class ass! I could watch Lee walk away from the camera all day as she jiggles that made-for-Evil-Angel butt. Adriano gets blown a bit, then worships her fine fanny. Lee is so damn succulent! I like the low blowjob angle videographer Long uses early on; Lee gets spit all over her pert tits. Lee is just so arousing to watch throughout, as she frequently suffocates on Mike meat during many a deepthroat moment. Lee is even pretty while blowing bubbles with Adriano cum. Mama! I can’t wait to see her — like Pink! — in a movie where she gets seriously fucked.

And we end with picture-perfect Gianna Dior sucking Logan love loaf, and it’s a real treat seeing such a beautiful girl get so dirty in front of the camera for the world to see. Adriano, handling the camera, gets some choice under-the-action shots here, with those outstanding Dior tits hanging down, saliva just pouring everywhere, including those same flawless breasts. Dior rocks! And wait until you see her take Long’s log upside-down, before getting a face-full o’ froth — and greedily swallowing all o’ that still-warm cock custard!

Thanks to Hendrix, Pink, and (ooh, la la!) Lee, “Swallowed.com, Vol. 44” is an awesome BJ movie! — with Dior putting in one helluva good suck-off herself!


Director Mike Adriano welcomes pretty-but-nasty cocksuckers for a freaky oral spectacle: "Swallowed.com Volume 44" dishes out five epic scenes that ooze filthy tease and furious throat fucking, plus raunchy ass play. Seductive, young vixens kneel for extreme blowjobs, and they lewdly tongue bungholes amid copious, flowing spit. Sex addict Holly Hendrix visits Mike to show off her lewd skills. The tattooed Black beauty drools as she deepthroats Mike's hog, and she crudely rims his anus. Fresh, cute Nina Pink salivates as Logan Long has his way with her mouth. Nina laps balls and chokes on his huge meat. The heavily hung stud finishes her with a messy cum facial. Adorable blonde Jessie Saint is ecstatic to make her debut in a Swallowed.com movie. She talks dirty through vulgar fellatio, and she opens wide for Logan's hot spunk. Brunette hottie Aria Lee looks sensational in skimpy porn-wear and stripper heels. She whimpers when Mike fingers her rectum, and spit seeps over her perky tits while she sucks his big cock. Gorgeous XXX megastar Gianna Dior looks luscious in glam lingerie. Logan reams her wet mouth, and she swallows hot sperm.

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