Swallowed Vol. 46

Swallowed Vol. 46

Girls who live to suck cock — ya gotta love ‘em! Some like getting face-fucked, too, and that’s just adorable. Some even like eating man-ass; now, that’s a boner bonus. And you get a loveable, healthy lot of eight oral-fixated young vixens in “Swallowed.com, Vol. 46,” with director/performer Mike Adriano preferring to get blown by one girl in three different scenes (each girl, by the way, is different, too!), whereas Logan Long sometimes likes two girls on his cock. And for the fiery finale, three girls are on that lucky Logan love loaf. Whew!

We begin with one of my one of my favorite babes in the movie, Aria Banks (she’s the luscious platinum blonde) and Coco Lovelock, both of whom sluttily double-team Long’s log. It’s fun seeing ‘em eat each other’s ass before they eat Long’s backside. Brave girls! It’s even more fun watching Lovelock gag on cock while Banks sucks Long’s butt. And then, they switch. I love those dreamy eyes on bawdy Banks, who does a phenomenal job of getting face-fucked while she’s upside-down. Lovelock, too. And what sounds they make! The charitable lasses ultimately share Long love liquid.

In the next three scenes, Adriano takes on, separately, Mia Kay, Aliya Brynn and Lana Anal (there’s a name for ya!), with some dick-throbbing results indeed. Kay is a pretty brunette with a marvy attitude when it comes to shuckin’ shaft and eating ass, while she digs having her own butthole eaten as well. A great face-fuckette, Kay does her darndest to go to the base o’ Adriano’s bat. And whadda load o’ saliva she brings up! She’s a good sperm swallower, too, with one sweet smile. Brynn is a brown-haired hottie who’s a loud and (yes!) messy cocksuckette with such a fuckable face. She also eats Adriano-ass for a long-ass time! And blonde Lana Anal is a meaty gal who gets oodles of saliva all over the place. She’s very talented with her mouth — loud, too. And I just love the shot from beneath, where her spit — from getting furiously face-fucked — cascades down her chest. And do you like the cum-bubbles she makes before she gulps down her own dick-milkshake?

We get not one, not two, but three babes on one prick for our concluding scene, with Long returning to get his boner majorly sucked. Just so you know who’s who: Maddy May has the tats, Mackenzie Mace (my fave in this soggy sequence) has the silky long hair, and Selina Bentz is wearing the yellow outfit. I love the intensity of Mace’s eyes when she gags on dick. They all take turns sucking shaft and balls and eating ass, while sometimes, they’re all sucking Long’s bat and baseballs simultaneously. And wait until you see ‘em perform upside-down while each getting their throats fabulously dick-plunged! C’est magnifique!

If you like girls who love sucking cock better (well, almost better) than shopping, then you’re gonna thoroughly enjoy “Swallowed.com, Vol. 46.” Extra points go to (my faves!) lovely Mia Kay, amazing Mace, and (have mercy!) downright delicious Banks. You girls suck — magnificently!


In "Swallowed.com Volume 46," director Mike Adriano takes oral sex fans to blowjob Nirvana! Girls worship huge boners with spit-slathered tongue, throat and lip service. See one-on-one head games, a BJ threesome, and for the finale, three thirsty babes come together to fellate a gigantic rod. Cum facials lead to shameless semen swallowing as shameless cuties fulfill filthy fantasies. Adorable blondes Coco Lovelock and Aria Banks only look innocent. The darling duo teases the camera, stripping and twiddling tight twats. They share lesbian kisses. Logan Long stuffs his big cock in their tiny mouths. They alternate, one babe sucking dick as the other eats Mike's ass. Epic tonsil fucking climaxes as the girls share a sperm-swapping snowball! Bright-eyed Ohioan Mia Kay loves her new job in sex work. She lies spread-eagled as Mike laps her pussy. She kneels to slurp the perverted pornographer's prick, and she smiles sweetly as she rims his rectum. Foulmouthed cutie Aliya Brynn chokes on Mike's meat, mouthing dirty talk when he yanks his plank from her cake hole. The bold girl takes a ruthless face fuck. Mike pastes her sweet smile in splooge. Thick blonde Lana Anal provides Mike a deepthroat session. See oozing saliva and graphic slobber play. Lana obediently tongues Mike's bunghole. Maddy May, Selina Bentz and Mackenzie Mace surround Logan for a triple blowjob! The foursome party reaches its crescendo when the girls trade spunk orally, each swallowing a share of the load!

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