Pure Taboo

As in many Pure Taboo volumes, manipulation is at the crux of these two tales. The title anecdote, which features thin and tasty Maya Woulfe, is a much heavier, darker account, compared to the relatively lighter, “A Taste of the Good Old Days,” starring delectable brunette Judy Jolie.

In our first story, Woulfe plays an 18-year-old who gets pregnant at a party and asks her stepbrother, played by A.J. Luis, to take her to “the clinic” — but he wants something “big” from her in exchange, and you can guess what it is, right? The acting is excellent, and Maya is realistically disgusted with A.J. but, as she’s also desperate for his help, complies with his sexual desires, if hesitantly at first. Luis is good at playing a douchebag, while the thing that’s great about Woulfe is that, yes, she’s attractive, but she also looks like an average girl you might see having a burger — by herself — at McDonalds or The Habit. With A.J.’s sleazy coaxing, Woulfe lets him heartily face-fuck her; our girl makes plenty of dirty noises and brings up a goodly amount of spit. “I bet you didn’t know your sis could suck a dick this well,” she smiles, trying to inject a little warmth into the proceedings. “I didn’t,” Luis states, not too warmly.

And the banging positions with svelte spinner Woulfe are all excellent. As Luis eats her pussy, Maya looks like she’s about to cry, but she’s also slightly turned on, portraying a young gun who is, after all, just starting to experience adult life. A.J. also gets slightly rough with her, pushing her onto the sofa and really slamming it into her during doggie (with loud, wet, groin-slapping-against-groin noises), while he occasionally pulls at her long, wild black hair. During cowgirl, Maya takes over for a bit (she grinds well); then, A.J. reassumes control. He totally dives into the sweet thing during missionary, with Maya sincerely groaning; A.J. eventually cums inside her, which you can tell deeply bothers Woulfe. So, is it (figuratively speaking, at least) a happy ending? Tune in and see.

The longer of the two tales, “A Taste of the Good Old Days,” has older dudes Marcus London and Jack Vegas watching a football game on the TV, remembering when they used to easily pull down cheerleaders, with Marcus wanting to relive some of that sexual glory. Jack is game. But how? Well, when cute brunette Judy Jolie comes to his house to study with his daughter, London starts devising a plan. After Jolie is ready to go home, the animated, happy-go-lucky London offers her a ride, with Jack tagging along to get to his place as well. Once they arrive at Jack’s home, the guys invite J.J. inside for a spell, since Marcus needs to get something from Jack’s house (yeah, right). And the fellas waste no time whatsoever once they get Judy settled upon the sofa. “You guys are, like, way older than me,” Jolie blurts out. Seemingly insulted (they’re really not), Marcus and Jack try to guilt-trip Judy, if only slightly. But, hey, the lil’ slut is game — as long as they promise that it’ll be their secret and Marcus’ daughter won’t find out. They promise. And the boys readily dive in.

There are lots of terrific moments with the scrumptious Jolie, too. Each guy sucks one of her nipples, and she’s an excellent deepthroater. And when doing doggie whilst sucking dick, Jolie is a sight for sore eyes indeed. Both male pervs get a good rhythm going when they bang her from behind, which (hooray!) goes on for a long while. Additionally, J.J. is a regular dynamo during reverse-cowgirl with Marcus, while Vegas eventually partakes of more doggie as our little nympho loudly sucks Marcus; both dudes eventually cream her tits. The ending isn’t as downbeat as your typical Pure Taboo entry, either.

Believable situations, good acting, and pretty girls who enjoy getting down and dirty make “Unwanted” a Pure Taboo title which you’ll definitely want to check out.


Marcus (AJ) uses his step-sister Ariana's (Maya Woulfe) secret against her. Ariana got pregnant after sneaking out for a house party. Panicking, she tells Marcus he can't tell ANYBODY and asks him to take her to a clinic. She begs for Marcus's help, offering to do anything. An evil thought slowly grew on Marcus' face, he's going to get what he wants too. Rick (Marcus London) and Glen (Jack Vegas), two buddies, reminisce about the good old days where they could get with girls as pretty as the cheerleaders they're watching on TV. That's when Sally (Judy Jolie) shows up to study with Rick's daughter. Rick gets an idea... Maybe there is a way that he and Glen can relive their glory days.

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