Sex Workout 1

Sex Workout 1

Several newcomers from BelAmi’s mix-and-mingle in four scenes with studio ringers. All of the sexplay has its pleasures, but the newcomers, particularly boyish, confident Jamie Elliot, are notable.

Olaf Mortensen is a real firecracker. He’s very pretty with red, sensual lips, large nipples and curly blond locks that flop down over his blue eyes. He flirts with reticent Nikk Lanier at an outdoor art exhibit and offers to help the latter work through his shyness. Mortensen is fully in control, grinning as they kiss and suck cock and giving the submissive Lanier a solid, professional plow with a spurting cumshot.

Kirk Gaugin is one the ringers in this cast; he’s as lean, ripped and wolfishly beautiful as ever, and looks very good alongside newcomer Jorik Tautou, a very lean and utterly adorable young twink with thick brown hair, a toothy smile and a playful vibe. The latter is still shy in the sack and seems to relax and enjoy himself when the seductive Gaugin takes charge, fucking the studpup in various positions until Tautou jerks out five or six ropes of semen onto his belly.

The B-roll includes a few minutes of playful riffing by the comedy duo of Jerome Exupery and Kevin Warhol.

Newcomer Jamie Elliot is running late for his hookup with Viggo Sorensen; B-roll again features Exupery with Tom Houston. While Elliot may be the new guy on the block, he delivers a strong, confident sexual performance. He’s slim with a long, curving cock and boyishly cute, while Sorensen is muscular and fit and amiable. They share an extended shower interlude with exchanged oral favors and Elliot at one point deep-throats Sorensen with plenty of spit.

Sorensen jumps right into bed with his legs spread wide in the air; Elliot is almost befuddled, like he can’t quite believe his luck (or else he’s a very good actor). He’s the topman despite being new, and what follows is a superb, extended bout of ass-eating. He tongue-fucks and fingers Sorensen’s pink hole and it’s a pleasure to watch. Elliot’s intense, dialed-in focus never wavers as he plows Sorensen in an array of positions, until both pop splattery cumshots. Eliot’s one to watch.

Derek Caravaggio is quite a beauty, built like a runner with dark locks, full lips and an appealing, boyish demeanor. Newcomer Cristiano Cruz is wholesomely hunky; their flip-fuck is one of his first scenes for BelAmi and there seems to be a genuine spark of attraction between them. Cruz also appears to enjoy kissing and relaxes considerably when Caravaggio services him. He’s a good topman and builds up a solid head of steam, but as a bottom he pushes back onto Caravaggio’s boner and releases a sizable pop shot that catches Caravaggio by surprise.


Meet the latest generation of Freshmen in Sex Workout 1, including four rising stars to watch.

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