BelAmi’s Summer in Prague, Part 1

BelAmi’s Summer in Prague, Part 1

Kevin Warhol brings an appealing frisky energy to his direction of the first installment of BelAmi’s latest mega-series “Summer in Prague,” which debut online (where this title was reviewed) and currently includes somewhere around 30 episodes. Warhol seems to favor long takes and most of the scenes have a clear dominant/submissive vibe.

Lots and lots of B-roll footage follows the current stable of studs as they tool around Prague studying English, eating meals (a BelAmi staple) and showing off their tight, hard bodies and floppy uncut cocks as they go skinny dipping and fool around with each other — including a quick fuck with dark-haired, sensual beauty Mario Texeira and tall drink of water Ashton Montana, whose deadpan is rather charming — before and after jumping online to BelAmiChat, which itself is the subject of quite a bit of discussion and the clear focus of their efforts these days.

BelAmi won the 2021 XBIZ Award for “Gay Site of the Year,” a trophy the studio has now claimed four times (plus three consecutive wins, 2018-2020, from the XBIZ Europa Awards in the same category).

Helmut Huxley is still lean and lanky but he’s got more definition and some hair on his chest; he shows off his sports car and that’s enough for dreamy, blue-eyed Bruce Querelle. Huxley is clearly in control as they kiss and trade blowjobs; Querelle seems intimidated by Huxley’s plus-sized dick and takes some time to warm up to receiving it. Those blue eyes and model-pretty good looks are enchanting, though.

Elio Chalamet is quite cute with a swimmer’s physique and a sensual, “kinky angel” vibe while Ashton Montana is wholesomely handsome and very tall with a bemused, low-key vibe (in contrast to many of the BelAmi regulars who never stop moving or talking). Warhol flips the expected script because Montana is the bottom for Chalamet, and he’s good; he swivels his hips and smiles throughout and jerks out a splattery cumshot as he’s being fucked.

Eluan Jeunet is a square-jawed blond with a smooth, nicely fit physique and a big sausage who is one of BelAmi’s secret weapons; he’s charming and self-aware and alternates between gentle romance and an appealing alpha-top vibe. His partner, John Lennox, is a newcomer with pale skin, red lips and a mass of blond curls. He’s introduced talking on the phone to Warhol as Jeunet tries to seduce him, which is very hot; Lennox is tentative during sex, but his slightly older, far more experienced lover confidently takes charge. Extra points to Jeunet for grinning through an enthusiastically sloppy, spit-soaked blowjob.

Derek Caravaggio has really grown from his shy early days with BelAmi; he’s put on some muscle and learned to deep-throat. He spreads his chest and cock with whipped cream that Kieran Benning licks off, leading to a bout of traded oral in the kitchen that is rather good. Benning, lanky and as intense as ever, seems to appreciate the chance to dominate Caravaggio, who clearly doesn’t mind having an aggressive top. It’s an appealing exchange of sexual energy.


Learning English during the Summer in Prague? The boys would rather have fun... and they do!

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