Pip’s Accidental Lovers

Pip’s Accidental Lovers

Four of five scenes serve as a strong showcase for Pip Caulfield, trim and boyishly cute with power-bottom energy and a tender, sensual aspect to his personality that blossoms with the right partner. Castmate Sven Basquiat also leaves a vivid impression in two scenes.

BelAmi won the 2021 XBIZ Award for “Gay Site of the Year,” a trophy the studio has now claimed four times (plus three consecutive wins, 2018-2020, from the XBIZ Europa Awards in the same category), while directing nominee Luke Hamill has received six XBIZ nominations since 2010 and Marty Stevens has snagged two (2009 and ‘21).

Basquiat is a breakout star on the European scene with three 2019-20 XBIZ nominations as “Gay Performer of the Year” and/or “Male Cam Model of the Year.”

Caulfield laments that he can’t speak Hungarian to connect with newcomer Riff Dornan, thin and handsome with a thick rocket of a cock. Puckish Jerome Exupery quite logically explains that Dornan, who is shy but clearly ready to pop, just needs body touch and a good blowjob. Caulfield expertly slicks Dornan’s boner with spit and propels the scene with his sexual mojo, particularly when he’s fucking himself with Dornan’s dick and riding it so he can control the action.

Pip pulls the same moves with Nate Donaghy, who is lanky with a strong nose and plus-sized cock; the pair appear to share real chemistry with sensual kissing and smiles as they proceed through their hookup, culminating in deep-plunging – including a brief gape from Caulfield – and intense cumshots.

Charlie Bogard went out partying by himself the night before but Orri Aasen and Caulfield don’t believe him and decide to enjoy their own special celebration. Aasen, compact and sensual, is a sexual firebrand on Caulfield’s level; the two of them are a terrific match and bring up Bogard’s energy. Caulfield takes a good pounding from Aasen before Bogard gets a turn and enjoys a pair of spurting loads on his chin and hole.

Lucky studpup Caulfield anchors another threesome with two of BelAmi’s top ringers, Basquiat and Bastian Dufy; the latter’s photography session gets interrupted when he is double-teamed for expert oral, including some deep-throating. Basquiat peels off for a tryst elsewhere, leaving Caulfield to happily ride Dufy’s boner, gasping and vocalizing with power-bottom energy. They’re a good sexual match and share a friendly chemistry with smiles and a sensual vibe.

The fifth and final scene doesn’t feature Caulfield; instead, Basquiat returns for a passionate hookup with Jason Bacall, a blue-eyed hunk who looks like he just stepped off the soccer pitch. He has a playful, dominant vibe that Basquiat easily matches. Basquiat is blond with a very lean, muscled physique and some ink (highly unusual for a BelAmi stud) and the guys generate a strong head of steam as Bacall pile-drives his hole and jacks Basquiat’s cock simultaneously.

This title was reviewed online; model-handsome Kirk Gaugin is billed in the cast and appears in a photo session with Caulfield, Basquiat and camera operator Jack Harrer, among others.


Lucky Pip Caulfield! Eight lovers... never a dull moment. Come and meet Pip's Accidental Lovers.

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