Falcon Live: 4 the Fans

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Falcon Live: 4 the Fans

Five high-energy vignettes (four duos and a threeway) whose production was streamed live on CAM4 as they were being filmed. Director Steve Cruz and his production crew (Leo Forte, Brian Bonds and others) are visible throughout and various pieces of equipment serve as set dressing. Perhaps the live audience online added an extra jolt of energy to the sexplay, which is among Falcon’s best of recent vintage.

Butch stud Roman Todd and sensual hunk Cole Connor pair off for a sweaty flip-fuck. The sight of the lightly furred and scruffy Connor sliding his boner between Todd’s muscular buttcheeks is thrilling but the energy between the two really amps when they flip roles; Todd unleashes a dominating, piledriving fuck. Blowjobs and assplay unfold with equal, spit-soaked intensity.

Blue-eyed dreamboat Cade Maddox is a wall of muscle with an imposingly large boner while Luke Truong is a sensual younger buck with a lickably fit physique and bubble butt; the chemistry between them is almost palpable. Maddox can throw an earthshaking fuck, but he’s actually quite a sensual, attentive lover. Truong worships his topman, eagerly lapping at his cock and balls and can barely contain himself when they start to make love. They both jack out splattery pop shots. It’s a sweaty, electric hookup and Maddox, especially, is in top form.

Todd recurs with Adrian Hart, a superb power bottom whose abs have abs. He is clearly in his element; Hart’s eyes roll back into his head with sublime pleasure as the topman smoothly dominates him, having his way as he sees fit. Hart expertly sucks down Todd’s boner and rides him with athletic enthusiasm; Todd is fully present and offers constant guttural groans of praise.

Xavier Zane demonstrates serious oral skills as he slurps and sucks on Max Konnor’s famously thick, extra-sized cock; their oral play is particularly choice all around. Konnor seems to be impressed with how his boner is prepped. He throws a sweaty fuck into Zane in several acrobatic positions and plunges nearly to the root; listen as Zane gasps and whimpers with shock and delight. He also delivers a gushing fountain of a cumshot.

The final threesome pairs the slim, fit and extremely pretty pair Daniel Evans and Evan Knoxx with equally trim, model-handsome Tristan Hunter (Knoxx has a sensual appeal reminiscent of a young Brent Everett). All three trade off kisses, blowjobs and bottom duties as they pull a train on each other. Hunter periodically gasps with surprised pleasure; all three are dialed-in and connected and keep the energy level elevated throughout.


Surrounded by bright lights and a professional production crew that's ready to capture their every naked move, the men of Falcon Live: 4 the Fans are ready to thrust, sweat, and blow a hot load for the camera. Broadcast via live show on CAM4 and directed by celebrated adult filmmaker Steve Cruz, this bareback film takes you directly on set with some of the industry's hottest men as they pound out some of the best performances of their careers. Now with their balls fully drained and their bodies covered in a mixture of sweat and seed, the stars of Falcon Live: 4 the Fans can leave the set satisfied knowing they just served up some of the best anal action the industry has ever seen. With the signal that it's time to get it on, naked hunks Cole Connor and Roman Todd lube up, stroke their hard cocks, and get ready to perform some hardcore flip-fuck action for the cameras. Certified porn superstar Cade Maddox and newcomer Luke Truong don't even wait for the director's go-ahead before exploring each other's bodies. Cade passionately makes out with Luke before stretching his ass open and giving him the ultimate dicking of his young life.

With his legs thrown in the air and his hole opened up, Adrian Hart takes every single inch of Roman Rodd before the cameras capture him blowing a massive load all over his own muscle body. Xavier Zane has the toughest job of anyone one set - getting fucked bareback by Max Konnor's absolutely massive cock. Latching onto the couch for some much-needed support, Xavier takes the entirety of Max's monster dick before getting covered in a thick layer of the top's cum. Tristan Hunter, Evan Knox, and Dan get down to business the second the director yells "action!" Throughout this flip-fuck threesome, each of these hung studs get a chance to use their poles and fill their holes as they all constantly switch positions, making sure no orifice or cock is left unsatisfied.

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