Tales From the Locker Room 3

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Tales From the Locker Room 3

Following acclaimed installments in 2020 and ’21, directrix Chi Chi LaRue returns to the locker room for more athletic sexplay. Tech credits, including editing and lighting, are solid; as usual, Michael Boston and Devin Franco walk away with their scenes, but the entire cast is fully committed. You can feel the sweat.

There isn’t a sexual situation Franco, a national treasure, can’t handle with a wink and a smile. He’s paired with the very fit, sensual beauty Jordan Starr and the two men appear to take genuine pleasure in each other. Franco spreads wide for a broomstick and then begs Starr to fuck him harder and deeper. Their chemistry is palpable.

Starr recurs later, opposite Isaac Parker, when the later discovers him huffing on sweaty jock straps; it wouldn’t be an installment of “Tales From the Locker Room” without someone furtively enjoying that funky musk. Their traded blowjobs are particularly choice; Starr takes charge and dominates the nerdy-cute pup, who is eagerly submissive.

Team doctors Bruce Beckham and Taylor Reign perform a very thorough examination on adorable pup Drake Von; Beckham has enjoyed a storied career in adult across nearly two decades, and he’s still ruggedly handsome and muscular and wields that famously curving boner like a lethal weapon. His gruff commands add spice to the sexplay. Von belies his boyish appeal with a sexy dominant side as he and Beckham stuff the smooth, pretty Reign at both ends. The latter, for his part, takes every inch like he’s been training for it. It’s a very strong matchup.

A.J. Sloan, sleek and sensual with a kinky edge to his beauty, can’t resist drinking in the muscular, tempting curves of Boston. The latter, famed for a plush ass that could stop traffic, takes on a topman role here. He’s an attentive, focused and dominant top who is clearly intent on taking his pleasure and shares Sloan’s taste for light kink; Boston particularly comes alive as a performer with a bottom (or top) who can keep up and match his energy. Sloan is up to the task; the sight of a sweaty Boston, built like a humpy wrestler, pounding Sloan’s smooth bubble butt is a serious turn-on.

Sloan returns, alongside Franco, for a threesome with compact, muscular Jake Waters. Coach Franco has his own stash of jock straps and his players take advantage of that knowledge for a hammer-and-tongs threesome. Assplay, fingering and spit-soaked blowjobs allow Franco to work up a head of steam, particularly when he fucks Sloan across his desk as Waters fucks him. It’s a hot train and all three men keep pace with each other; Franco, especially, works up a full-body orgasm.

Beckham and Von, with Franco and Waters, are pictured on the box art.


Few outsiders know what actually happens in the depths of a men's locker room when no one is around to see it. But Falcon's finest are here to unveil every last one of these dirty hookups with Tales from the Locker Room 3. From award-winning director Chi Chi LaRue, this third installment of Falcon's acclaimed series sees a hot load of new and returning jockstrap-sniffing pervs that aren't afraid to use the team's locker room as their own personal fuck palace. The horned-up football fuckers aren't the only ones getting in on the action, though; even custodian Jordan Starr gets his big dick wet as he stays late to fuck Coach Devin Franco and shove his mop handle up his tight hole.

The next morning, team doctors Bruce Beckham and Taylor Reign are taking a look at jock Drake Von when the student-athlete's bushy cock accidentally gets hard during his examination. Over in the team's showers, Michael Boston is toweling off when he notices that teammate AJ Sloan can't stop staring at his naked body. The day goes on, and with almost everyone heading out, Isaac Parker runs back to his locker to find janitor Jordan, face-deep in his jockstrap, inhaling the ripe scent of his sweaty balls. The jock sniffing continues when football stars AJ and Jake Waters catch coach Devin hoarding the teams' used jockstraps before barebacking him at both ends right in the middle of his office. Now that you know everything that goes down behind closed doors, just sit back, unzip, and imagine you're taking a deep whiff of a man's worn jock as Falcon tells this third round of Tales from the Locker Room.

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