Give and Take

Falcon Studios
Give and Take

Four superb all-sex, flip-fuck duos with a focus on sensuality, physical connection and director Steve Cruz’s notable interest in small, erotic details. The sleek, Modernist house used as a shooting location is striking; Derek Kage and Tony Genius earn MVP honors amid a strong cast of sexual pros.

Michael Boston and Beau Butler, pictured on the box cover, share a friendly chemistry; both are handsomely muscular and very comfortable with each other. They exchange slurpy, delectable blowjobs and Cruz’s camera lingers on their sweaty pecs, bums, backs and other body parts. It’s a visual feast. They remain in constant sync as they make love on a wide, grey couch; it’s a pleasure to watch them in action.

Boston returns, opposite Ethan Sinns, for a sensual lovemaking session that includes teasing foreplay in a milk bath with rose petals in front of a bright, frosted-glass window; they later move their vigorous flip-fucking to a large, purple ottoman. Sinns snacks out on Boston’s plush ass and really seems to get off on having such a vocal, enthusiastic bottom, but Boston can give as good as he gets as he pounds Sinns into submission.

Sinns also enjoys a superb flip-fuck with Kage, a real drink of water with an inked arm sleeve and masculine swagger. His guttural groans and deep voice grunting out dirty talk is a serious turn-on; the testosterone flying between the two studs is almost palpable. They’re on equal footing as they fuck each other, but Kage’s begging for Sinns to go deeper and harder takes the cake. They both unload sticky loads onto each other’s handsome faces.

Genius anchors a terrific duo with Butler on a floating staircase (it can’t have been comfortable, but they don’t seem to notice) and later in a large marble shower. Genius never fails to lend a friendly, smiling energy to his fuck sessions; he twerks his plush ass on Butler’s boner, and then cuts loose in the shower when they switch roles. Butler easily keeps up; slurpy oral and assplay are also a highlight.

Genius is also paired with lovely Taylor Reign, who works out his lean, swimmer’s physique in a pair of tight, dark blue briefs. Genius emerges from the glistening waters of a pool, bulging out of a maroon swimsuit, and dries himself off in the bright sun before heading indoors for a vigorous flip-fuck session. Reign is typically intense as Genius fully powers their sexplay; he twerks his beautiful ass again and grinds himself back onto Reign’s cock, grinning with delight. Reign sucks down that thick boner and then delivers a sweaty, piledriving fuck; Genius cums as he’s being fucked, spraying himself copiously with seed.


Look both ways because Falcon's hottest studs are about to flip out as they learn the value of a little Give and Take. From award-winning director Steve Cruz, this flip-fucking spectacular shows six of the industry's hottest versatile performers as they take to their luxurious Southern California homes for unscripted hookups that has each and every one of these mouthwatering men utilizing their holes and poles. It's an all-male bareback fuck fest at Falcon Studios, where the most stunning men are always prepared to Give and Take. It's a lazy day for Beau Butler and Michael Boston - the perfect time to stream a movie and indulge in some serious snacking. Dick and ass are at the top of the menu as the two BFFs pound each other's holes until the sun goes down. Similarly, Derek Kage and Ethan Sinns are lounging around their Hollywood estate, catching up on their reading and relaxation. Never ones to sit still for long, the two handsome guys wind up fucking all afternoon, forgoing any chance of rest in favor of filling their tight assholes with each other's massive cocks.

And talk about big dicks, Tony Genius and Taylor Reign can't keep their huge rods down. They're supposed to be swimming laps and lifting weights, but their sweaty musk is an aphrodisiac that has both hotties giving up their gorgeous butts and draining their explosive loads together. Down the road, Beau can't resist himself when he spots a naked Tony running down the floating staircase of his Southern California home. They suck, rim, and ram right there on the steps before taking the action into a plush marble shower that couldn't possibly get any wetter. Until, of course, Michael and Ethan decide to make a romantic splash in a luxurious, rose-petaled milk bath and then flip-fuck until they hose down their foyer with dripping white satisfaction.

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