Shadow of a Doubt

Pure Taboo
Shadow of a Doubt

Pure Taboo brings two tales to life, both dripping with cuckery, paranoia, deception, manipulation and taboo carnality.

“Shadow of a Doubt” (Krissy Lynn, Chloe Temple and Ryan Driller):

Kathy (Krissy Lynn) and her husband David (Ryan Driller) have hired what appears to be the perfect sitter in Lynn (Chloe Temple). She’s enthusiastic, dedicated and incredibly efficient — and their children love her. However, something about Lynn rubs Kathy the wrong way. But when David dismisses her suspicions as paranoia, Kathy is left to wonder if she is indeed overreacting or if her reservations about their perfect new babysitter are warranted or unfounded.

This is a really unique take on the popular cucking fantasy. Typically, the male is the victim, but Pure Taboo flips the script here and makes the cuck a woman. The result is both kinky and unsettling. There’s a strong “Hand That Rocks the Cradle” vibe here, as babysitter Lynn is clearly looking to inherit Kathy’s life. Krissy Lynn, as Kathy, does an excellent job spiraling out of control and drowning in her anger and hysteria as her suspicions seem to be validated over and over. When Kathy comes home from work to find David and Lynn fucking, she absolutely breaks — and that’s where the cuck fantasy starts. Kathy begrudgingly joins their lewd tryst when Lynn tells her it might be her last chance to fuck David now that he’s all hers. What makes the sex work here is Krissy Lynn’s ability to stay in character. Even when she mounts Driller and humps him hungrily, the pain, betrayal and desperation never leave her face. Meanwhile, Temple drapes herself all over Driller to remind Krissy that she’s claimed ownership of her husband no matter how hard she tries to fuck him back into her life. She certainly gives it her best shot, which is wonderful because her tits look absolutely gorgeous throughout.

“Dibs on Mom” (Chanel Preston, Evelyn Claire and Nathan Bronson):

This short film is an adaptation of a 2019 submission from a member: TheLyle. It’s a lewd tale about stepsiblings Carter (Nathan Bronson) and Lucy (Evelyn Claire) who’ve made a twisted deal with each other and their stepmom Vivian (Chanel Preston); each of them is allotted sex time with their matriarch, and the two trade her back and forth like a sex toy. This is some real “Stepford Wife” shit. Preston plays Vivian like some kind of hypnotized robot, while Bronson and Claire portray their characters like spoiled, manipulative brats who thrive on using Vivian to destroy each other. The scenario is going to make a lot of people shudder in their stomachs, which is, of course, the whole point. When it comes to the sex, though — wowee, does the libido get stoked! Preston looks so good, and she lets both Bronson and Claire use her like an actual fuck doll. Bronson beats her throat up real good multiple times while Claire assaults her other holes with her tongue and fingers mercilessly. Claire certainly gets her fair share of dick, but it is Preston who receives the lion’s share of the action. There’s a big plot twist to close the story that falls right in line with Pure Taboo’s content style, and fans should be more than satisfied with it.

Both of these short films are exactly what one would expect from a studio that specializes in taboo sex and scenarios. Lynn and Preston both do a great job with their characters, and the sex is dynamic because of their portrayals. Meanwhile, Claire and Bronson were both showing, way back in 2019, that they deserved to be in more feature-driven porn.


Kathy (Krissy Lynn) and her husband David (Ryan Driller) eagerly await new teen babysitter Lynn (Chloe Temple). Kathy, who is prone to paranoia, finds it particularly difficult to mentally prepare for a new babysitter. Still, David calms her as usual. When Kathy and David arrive home from work each day, Kathy's anxiety intensifies. Lynn is TOO perfect.

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