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Red Light Arena

Kitty (Janice Griffith) has seemingly found the perfect life situation with her sugar daddy Sir (Michael Vegas). She lives in his nice house, he buys her nice clothes, and she’s never hungry. It’s a far cry from her previous life as an influencer selling t-shirts in the homeless sector of the city. But underneath the surface of Kitty’s utopia lies a terrible reality. Sir refuses to allow her access to the outside world while he constantly accesses the digital world through a special headset. Desperate to reconnect with her fans from her days as an influencer, Kitty begins to use Sir’s headset behind his back. What she finds is a strange digital arena competition where sex is the game and orgasms are the points.

Written by Brittny Thique, this wild film lives in the realm of video games and virtual reality. There was a time that this kind of stuff would have been considered futuristic, but now, there are countless game setups like this. The costuming and set pieces look great, and all the video game tropes (scantily clad female avatars, health bars, action announcer) are present. I was especially impressed with the Smash Bros-style percentage indicator! While the gamer element is certainly a focus, the story is definitely deeper than a simple video game sex simulator. This is a tale about mental abuse through social isolation. Sir is the classic predator who targets young women with fragile psyches and conditions them to depend on him to define their self-worth. Vegas plays the role perfectly, and Griffith captures the tragedy of the delusion equally well. Demi Sutra is great in her supporting role, both narratively and sexually — and Michael Vegas should find his name on some awards ballots for his overall performance.

Kitty and Sir have a scene that is all about control. The callous way that Sir orders Kitty around, the way he uses her past to reinforce the idea that she was worthless before he met her — it all plays into their sex brilliantly. When Sir dismisses Kitty’s plea to forgo using the visor, it shows how little her happiness means to him. The ensuing sex, while totally gratifying for her, is nothing more than an exercise in dominance for him. Sir engages completely with the visor, pounding carelessly on Kitty’s pussy and delighting in her emotional submission to him. It’s hot, but it also serves the story quite well.

The audience gets their first taste of the video game world when Pearl (Karma Rx) shows up in a strange arcade and is confronted by Suga (Demi Sutra). After an expositional scene that frames the story further, Pearl decides to take Suga’s challenge. This is a great scene. The characters even get game-style introductions! Karma licks Sutra’s box like it’s a jawbreaker, and Sutra returns the favor by trying to suck Karma’s soul out of her body through her pussy. Their 69 is awesome.

The battle continues when Kitty returns to the game world as Demo (Damon Dice) in a match against Tarot (Gabbie Carter). Carter is awesome. She’s got incredible tits, and she lets them bounce all over the place as Dice fucks her vigorously.

The final sex scene is a rocking three-way between Suga, Kitty, and the reigning “Red Light Arena” champion Daddy (Ricky Johnson). This scene has an absolutely spectacular opening, with full-on character introductions and mimicry of the constant movement animations often seen in fighting games. This is fan service at its best, and the sex payoff is totally worth it. Great lighting creates a futuristic tone, and both ladies do a real number on Johnson when they ride him. He gives as good as he gets, though, pounding both women aggressively to orgasm.

This is a very heavy drama that disguises itself with over-the-top campiness. Vegas and Griffith are both good, and Sutra shines in her supporting role. Thique deserves a best screenplay nomination for penning a script that combines such a serious topic with such a fun premise.


Abandoning her life as an influencer, "Kitty" (Janice Griffith) moves away from the city and into a secluded mansion with her sugar daddy, "Sir (Michael Vegas). But what good is a lavish life to an e-girl who can't post it online? Disconnected from the outside world, Kitty grows captive by her sponser's no-device policy and frustated with his secrets, While searching for answers, she stumbles into a world hidden in plain sight - Red Night Arena, an elusive virtual reality game with only one rule: DO NOT CUM! On a quest to uncover the truth about Sir, Kitty faces off against an erotic lineup of skilled opponents (Demi Sutra, Gabbie Carter and Ricky Johnson) making a few intimate connections along the way.

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