Judy (Alexis Fawx) is the definition of safe and predictable. She wears the same safe clothes to her safe job every day, returns to her very safe home every day, and absolutely nothing interesting ever happens to her in between. That is, until one day when she stumbles upon a merchant she’s never seen and finds a strange book. Suddenly, Judy finds herself immersed in a world of uninhibited sexual exploration guided by the almost living presence of the book itself.

Some months ago, I wrote that I think Digital Playground is experiencing a renaissance with their renewed focus on features and the quality of those features. With the release of this short series written by Kelly Kay and directed by Charles Lightfoot, I think it’s safe to say that the renaissance is in full swing. These are the types of porn projects that can attract a hesitant audience to indulge themselves in adult entertainment.

“Unbound” watches like a mainstream mini-series while masterfully incorporating hardcore sex into the mix. The cast does a good job making the characters come to life, which makes the sex more exciting and relatable to viewers who aren’t already horny harlots. And for those who hold no shame in their consumption of adult entertainment, there’s plenty here to get their libidos rising.

Alexis Fawx delivers a stimulating performance as the meek-mannered Judy. Her shock and hesitation at indulging in her torrid desires feels natural, creating a strong bridge for the viewer to cross into the fantasy. The film’s story rests mostly on Fawx’s shoulders, and she carries the load easily. She’s joined by some strong supporting performances from Manuel Ferrara, who plays a role that’s admittedly not too far outside of his wheelhouse, as well as the legendary Nina Hartley, whose performance brings an air of mysterious magic to the tale. Not to be outdone by the story, the sex is quite strong as well.

Small Hands and the fiery Carmen Caliente share a scorching scene with a bound Judy looking on. The two shameless lovers tease Judy from the start, Caliente in particular taunting her relentlessly by telling her she knows the mousey woman wishes she was the one getting her pussy torn up by the virile Hands. It’s a wonderful backdrop to Judy’s first steps towards sexual awakening, especially the bits when Caliente is either right in Judy’s face as Hands pounds her from behind or outright draped across Judy’s quivering body while she’s getting railed. This scene incorporates both the voyeur and edging kinks as Judy can’t help but rub her pussy while Hands and Caliente fuck all over her, but she never gets to actively participate. The shy heroine finds herself in the midst of the “my boss dominates me sexually as punishment for poor performance” fantasy with the rugged Ferrara in the film’s most intense scene. Ferrara is demanding and merciless with Judy in this scene; he spanks, chokes and manhandles her all over his desk. Consumed by her hidden whorishness, Judy rubs herself to a squirting orgasm — which spurs Ferrara to up the ante and stuff his office slut’s tight asshole.

The best sexual shot of the film comes when Ferrara presses Fawx against the glass wall of his office and fucks her with reckless abandon. Wow. Things end on a very high note sexually as Judy finds herself involved in an office party that devolves into an energetic orgy. There’s so much ass and tits and pussy all over the place that it’s almost hard to keep track of all the action! But boy howdy, do all the ladies put on a banger of a show! Izzy Lush and Judy Jolie are totally slutty, and they really hold their own alongside their veteran peers.

Movies like this prove that porn features don’t have to be blockbusters to capture the heart of audiences. This is an interesting story with strong performances from everyone involved that is effectively directed. That’s a recipe for success any day of the week. Let the Digital Playground renaissance continue!


Judy (Alexis Fawx) lives life in her comfort zone. Day in and day out she wakes up, wears the same dowdy clothes, goes to the office, then comes home to sleep. One fateful afternoon, she stumbles upon a magical book that shakes up her mundane existence and exposes her to a world of sexual possibilities she never dreamed imaginable.

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