Red Hot Gingers

Red Hot Gingers

A grab-bag of five duos with an unusual-for-BelAmi focus on redheads and gingers (more accurately, auburn-haired and strawberry-blond) with Ronny Lamarr and Pip Caulfield as the ringers in the bunch.

BelAmi snagged five nominations from the 2021 XBIZ Awards, including “Gay Site of the Year,” a trophy it has won four times (plus three consecutive wins, 2018-2020, from the XBIZ Europa Awards in the same category). “Gay Director of the Year” nominee Luke Hamill has earned six XBIZ Awards nominations over the years as a performer and director.

Aidan O’Shea is smartly paired with Dylan Maguire for his only his second shoot (directed by Vlado Iresch) a few months after turning 18. He’s very thin and freckled with thick, swooping boy-band hair and doesn’t appear to be nervous; Maguire is a classic BelAmi “kinky angel” with boyishly youthful looks and a plus-sized cock. He confidently takes control and leads his young bedmate through a solid suck-and-fuck and jacks O’Shea to a spurting fountain of a cumshot that copiously splatters them both (Maguire, a well-trained pro, isn’t fazed in the least).

Pip Caulfield is aptly named, compact and adorable with a kinky edge. The sight of his sweaty bubble butt and thick, curving boner plowing into an eager Timothy Blue is a sight for sore eyes. They tool around an indoor go-kart track with their BelAmi buddies and hook up the next day. Caulfield, sensual and pretty with real charisma, is one of BelAmi’s secret weapons. He jumps into a 69 with Blue, a sexy young stud; both deep-throat and the young bucks quickly enjoy a vigorous flip-fuck.

Ronny Lamarr is very thin (even for BelAmi) and quite hung with a strong jawline and an appealingly uninhibited, almost aggressive demeanor in bed. He first appears as a bottom for Jeff Mirren (shyly handsome and thickly hung with a strong nose) and fully takes control, eventually jacking out a wet, gushing cumshot as he is being fucked.

Lamarr recurs with Roald Ekberg, a brawny sex bomb with floppy blond locks and beautiful ass and cock. Lamarr really shows off his dominant tendencies as he drives his sizable erection into Eckberg’s muscle butt. Both young studs share a genial, friendly chemistry as they kiss and strip off their clothes, enjoy teasing, enthusiastic assplay and then fuck (Ekberg also paints his smooth abs and chest with blasts of his own seed).

Yuri Alpatow and Jason Bacall are a pair low-key, sensual lovers. Bacall is smooth and pretty, while Alpatow is more fit with wholesome good looks. They kiss in the kitchen with evocative lighting and move to a daybed where Alpatow takes control and makes gentle love to Bacall, who jerks out a cumshot while getting fucked; his buddy then pulls out and gifts him with a sticky facial.


BelAmi's Red Hot Gingers showcases four gingers and five red-hot episodes.

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