Tropical Storm

Tropical Storm

The eye-popping duo of Nils Tatum and Helmut Huxley, strikingly photographed on the box art, headline a notably star-packed collection of five duos shot on location around a scenic, secluded villa in Colombia. MVP honors to a scene-stealing Joaquin Arrenas.

BelAmi vet Luke Hamill mans the camera this time around; he has snagged five XBIZ Awards nominations over the years as a performer and director, including a 2021 nod for “Gay Director of the Year.”

Castmate Sven Basquiat has recently emerged as a breakout star on the European scene with three 2019-20 nominations from the XBIZ Awards and XBIZ Europa Awards as “Gay Performer of the Year” and/or “Male Cam Model of the Year.”

In the opening scene, Tatum slips into Huxley’s hot tub and mopes that his buddy spends all of his time with “Jerome” — presumably Jerome Exupery. The young bucks decide to act on their attraction anyway; Tatum deftly sucks down Huxley’s thin, extra-long boner and then enjoys a vigorous fuck. He looks fantastic while flexing his abs and pecs as he jerks off, while Huxley paints his pretty features with seven or eight strong blasts of seed.

Tatum returns in the fifth and final scene opposite Kieran Benning, who is very lean and shaggy haired with a confident, playful vibe. Like Tatum’s hookup with Huxley, their sexplay is fairly short – about 17 minutes apiece — but Tatum shows a submissive side as he stands under the shower, making out with Benning. Oral is brief, but once again he looks mighty good bouncing on an erection; Benning seems to particularly enjoy the sensations.

Huxley recurs in a second scene where yet another BelAmi stud – show pony Hoyt Kogan – complains about their lack of time in bed because Huxley spends all of his time with Exupery.

Kogan is a real beauty with a beautifully fit swimmer’s physique and sensual lips; Huxley is happy to give him a turn in the sack. They kiss with hunger and Huxley’s blowjob – including some ball play – has a higher level of energy then usual. Kogan throws a piledriving fuck into the lanky Huxley, who jerks out a cumshot that splashes across his tight, tanned abs and chest.

Elsewhere, Kogan is bored on his day off and all of his BelAmi colleagues are too busy filming or being photographed. He finally finds genial Sven Basquiat alone and they pair-off for a quick fuck. They kiss, trade blowjobs and Kogan throws one of his pistonlike fucks into Basquiat’s smooth bubble butt.

Peter Annaud and a very frisky Joaquin Arrenas are eager to have sex but they can’t find a quiet room. They finally locate an empty bed and they’re immediately all over each other, breathless and almost frantic, as they kiss and maneuver around to trade blowjobs, enjoy assplay, return to more kissing and then finally bang.

Both are similar physical types – short, brown hair with fit soccer player physiques – and Arrenas’ wanton hunger and power-bottom dominance seems to bring out a playful side in the typically stoic Annaud. After they climax – “I love your ass,” Annaud says with a grin — they jump into the pool and cuddle.


Is it the tropical settings? Or the sexual energy unleashed by our top models? Engage the Tropical Storm.

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