Into the Woods

Falcon Studios
Into the Woods

Five scenes (three duos, a pair of threesomes) set in the bucolic Canadian woods with a very high level of sexual heat and a couple of ringers, among a strong cast, in Gabriel Clark and Skyy Knox. Smooth, flowing cinematography makes good use of the pastoral surroundings while sharp editing keeps the action brisk.

The marquee scene is a threeway anchored by dreamy Gabriel Clark, a Canadian national treasure, with Jeremy London and Thyle Knoxx. The latter pair encounter Clark chopping wood shirtless outside a barn. They share cocks and then pull a train with genial Clark fucking Knoxx, who plows London.

The chemistry among all three is friendly and teasing, with an extra zap of sensuality between Knoxx and London; London takes all of the plus-sized meat belonging to Knoxx into his tight bubble butt, while Knoxx hungrily rides Clark’s boner. London’s cumshot is explosive.

Cutie London recurs in a subsequent scene when he spies on butch, bearded Derek Thibeau taking an outdoor shower and invites himself into the latter’s tent for a suck-and-fuck. Their sex is propulsive with a sensual edge; London seems to bring out that quality in his tops and easily keeps up.

Knoxx also returns for a sensual tryst on the forest floor with Raphael Louis. There is a romantic charge to this pairing as they gently kiss and explore each other’s bodies as the wind rustles through the canopy above them. Knoxx is fully present as fuck against a tree and on the ground, encouraging Louis with his moans and groans.

Edward Terrant, slender and fit with handsome, chiseled features, is wandering in the woods when he comes upon Rocky Vallarta midway through his chores, who demands sexual payment for giving Terrant a lift back to civilization. There is an immediate dom/sub vibe at play as Terrant eagerly submits to Vallarta’s gruff, alpha persona. Terrant gulps down his topman’s cock and has his ass roughly slammed – at one point Terrant wraps himself around Vallarta’s midsection, who then holds him aloft as they fuck. Vallarta blasts out a fountain of seed and paints Terrant’s face and outstretched tongue.

Thibeau returns to anchor a threesome with Trent King and Skyy Knox, the latter a peerless sexual performer with an eye-popping physique. The men enjoy their sexplay alongside a secluded river, fucking on the rocks. They pull a train on Knox, switch places so King can get some dick and take advantage of Knox’s deep, deep throat. They gasp and groan and keep the energy flowing throughout.


Come shed your clothes and your inhibitions. It's only natural.

Unplug, leave it all behind and head Into the Woods with nine Canadian hunks who navigate the wilderness hot on the trail for raw cock and eager-to-fuck holes. Directors Iza Elle and Raph North take you on a wild trip thru Canada's dense woods. Head out into the great outdoors and get Into the Woods with horny adventurers hitting the trails and riding wood.

When boyfriends Jeremy London and Thyle Knoxx went out for a hike in nature, they never thought they would stumble on hunky mountain man Gabriel Clark, who fucks their holes bareback and eats their loads. Edward Tennant is lost in the woods when he chances upon Rocky Vallarta, who offers him a ride to safety if he helps him out. Edward will do anything to get his ride home and ends up riding Rocky's thick dick. Jeremy London is out for a hike alone when he stumbles on Derek Thibeau's campsite where Derek fucks Jeremy's ass and delivers a load to his face. Rafael Louis and Thyle hike to the perfect spot for Rafael to breed Thyle's hole. Skyy Knox, Trent King and Derek ditch a day of fishing to work over each other's poles next to the river.

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