True Stories: Private Coaches

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True Stories: Private Coaches

On the recommendation of her friend Chloe (Venera Maxima), Claire (Lauren Walker) entered the world of private sports coaching and has turned the venture into a successful two year stint. However, her success has come at a lurid price and now she’s ready to hold a tell-all interview with a local news publication as long as they keep her anonymous. Claire’s exposé blows the lid off the naughty world of female private sports coaching, and you’ve got a front row seat for all the nasty details!

This comedy from Luka and Ludovic Dekan is a bit of a departure from the work I typically see from them. This story doesn’t have the intense drama I’ve come to expect from their films, rather instead relying on a more light-hearted tone that still keeps the audience engaged. The cast features some heavy hitters like the always excellent Veronica Leal, but the film mainly serves as Lauren Walker’s introduction to mainstream porn. As far as I could find, this is her first feature and she does a great job. She’s pretty, she’s got good timing as far as actin, and she knows how to capture the camera and hold its attention during sex. I expect big things from her moving forward.

The film opens with Claire settling in for a recorded interview during which she lays out her history and details how she got into the business. She recounts the way her friend Chloe suggested she try out private coaching, noting the insane amounts of money she’s made during her time in the field. Shocked, Claire wonders how Chloe could possibly clear so much cash, and Chloe tells her about a client (David Perry) who went from paying her to train him, to paying her to train him with less clothes on, to paying her to fuck him outright. This is our introduction to the opening sex scene and it’s nicely done. The well-known comedy trope of fast-forwarding the action to create humor is on display here and it gives the scene an almost jovial feel. I’ve never seen Venera Maxima before, but I found her quite stimulating and she takes anal like a champion! Nice tease with Perry fingering her asshole to warm her up, then it’s off to anal pound town in vigorous fashion as Perry racks her ass like a jackhammer.

Despite the apparent scandalous nature of the field, Claire decided the potential income was too good to pass up, and she recounts her initial experience to the interviewer. Her first client (Phil Hollyday) turned out to be a businessman who was more interested in coordinating a naughty sexual encounter for his wife (Mya Lorenn) than getting any actual training done himself. After a bit of prodding, Mya takes the lead and begins nipping at Lauren’s supple ass, and just like that, it’s on. Lauren is incredibly pretty and I love the way she just submitted to Mya’s expert touch. All Lauren’s hesitation melts away as Mya guides her along a path to lustful ecstasy while Phil watches in awe, stroking his cock methodically. When he finally decides to get involved, the horny factor explodes, with a prime example being the absolutely nasty way Mya laps at Lauren’s asshole while taking a rhythmic doggie thrusting from Phil. Once Phil is adequately warmed up, he dismisses Lauren and finishes the job on Mya in grand fashion. The rocking reverse cowgirl and the sensual spoon anal are wonderfully shot and Mya looks great from start to finish. Speaking of the finish, Phil dropping his massive load into Mya’s palms was a stroke of nasty genius and upped the raunchy factor significantly. I also really loved the library setting!

Having experienced a taste of the sexual liberation of private coaching, Claire found herself all in on the money and the sex. She tells the interviewer about a pair of soccer players (Vlad Castle and Mr. J) she trained who ended up having their way with her in a nasty threesome. Unlike her encounter with the horny couple, she never even hesitated with these young studs. As soon as they made a move on her, she not only reciprocated, but took charge. Wow, Lauren really does have a wonderful ass. As the famous Pacino quote goes, “When I think of a woman’s ass, something just comes out of me.” Watching Lauren ride Vlad’s shaft is amazing, due in large part to the way her ass ripples as her hips undulate.

Claire’s final story for the interview covers her experience with fitness enthusiasts Veronica Leal and Axel Reed. While out for a vigorous jog, the ladies happen upon Mr. Reed who himself is out for a run as well. Veronica notices his impressive physique and makes it known that if he’s interested, they can pause their workout and have some fun right in the park. Axel takes her up on the offer, and a somewhat shy Lauren can’t help but be excited by Veronica’s brazenness. Before she knows it, she and Veronica are having a three-way flanked by some impressive trees (great setting). Axel takes turns fucking both ladies with the lascivious nature of the scene topping the scale when Axel goes from pounding Veronica’s ass to ramming Lauren’s pussy without missing a beat.

This is a pretty fun movie. The cast is really great (Lauren Walker is really something) and I liked the light-hearted nature of this flick. It shows the Dekans can excel at comedy as well as drama and their ability to diversify their genre output should serve them well.


Private coaching is not always an easy gig, especially for a woman. Wicked requests are commonplace and temptation is evergreen. Claire gave it a try two years ago, thanks to her close friend Chloe. Now she is a renowned professional in this business, she anonymously shares with us, with copious details, the most raunchy affairs she had to deals with when handling the bodies of her clients.

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