Buda Trip

Wendy is ready for her upcoming vacation to Budapest and she suggests her boyfriend Vince accompany her. Game for a break from the rigors of everyday life, Vince happily accepts and is excited to spend a week relaxing in an exotic city. Unfortunately, Wendy has booked them to stay at a shared villa and the other residents aren’t bashful. Not only does everyone seem to lounge around the grounds fully nude, but they’re all into meditation and inner reflection. Now Vince is trapped in a crowded house with a bunch of weirdos and a girlfriend who doesn’t see anything wrong with the whole situation. How will he salvage his vacation?

Jacquie et Michel Elite is a powerhouse French feature studio that has produced some of the best films in the European porn scene the last five years running. The last time I saw Melia Rose was in another film directed by Luka and she really impressed me there. Here I think it’s safe to say she arrives as a feature performer.

The action starts with David Perry and girlfriend Angelica Heart, who decide to have some sexy time in the shared room with Melia Rose present. Their brazenness is just the type of behavior Vince Karter found off-putting, and even Melia opts to excuse herself and give the couple some privacy. Angelica polishes Perry’s cock nicely before bending over so he can tongue her from behind. An incredibly sexy spoon serves as a nice appetizer before Perry goes to work on Heart’s asshole and boy oh boy is it fantastic.

A meditation session (that Karter scoffs at heavily) evolves into Melia discovering inner peace in the calming arms of Thomas Stone and David Perry. It’s a nice three-way, with Melia always stuffed in the mouth and pussy with a cock. She laughs gleefully as she bounces on Thomas’s stiff rod, then she lets Perry pump her butt while she flicks her tongue about Thomas’s cock. Things culminate in a raucous DP that is quite the sight.

Fed up with all the “nonsense,” Karter packs his bags determined to return home, but David Perry convinces him to spend some time with Talia Mint and Zlata Shine before he makes his decision. It turns out to be a great idea as the ladies put him through the carnal wringer. Non-stop double blowjobs, hardcore pussy hammering and an enthusiastic anal cockride from the whorish sprites change Karter’s tune.

The story concludes in satisfying fashion as the couple finds exactly what they’ve been looking for. The final scene takes place in a picturesque pool and the couple really go in on one another. The standing reverse cowgirl is amazing and the only time I’ve ever seen such a position in all my years of watching porn. There’s a tenderness between the two that is brimming with unbridled passion and the result is explosive and passionate.

Luka might be my favorite director at Jacquie et Michel. Their stories are always entertaining and they certainly know how to capture great sex. Melia Rose is a star and she should be cast in as many features as possible moving forward.


Wendy is ready for her upcoming vacation to Budapest and she suggests her boyfriend Vince accompany her.

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