The encrust (L'Incruste)

Jacquie et Michele Elite
The encrust (L'Incruste)

Phil’s family is struggling financially, and he’s at his wit’s end. The private lessons his daughter Lauren conducts aren’t paying the bills, and he’s run out of ideas. So, when Lauren gets wind of a lucrative opportunity to enter into the service of a local celebrity, Phil decides he and his family must take advantage of the lucrative opportunity. But to secure the future for his entire family, they’ll need to get rid of some obstacles first. Just how far will he and his family go to secure their financial future?

Jacquie et Michel ELITE is a powerhouse French feature studio that has produced some of the best films in the European porn scene the last five years running. Director Luka has proven to be one of the strongest in the studio’s stable, and this is another high-quality entry from them. I am always happy when I see Lauren Walker on a cast list, as she is one of my absolute favorite European performers. She hits a home run here (as usual), but I was also quite impressed with Melia Rose.

Speaking of Melia, she starts the sexual action alongside veteran swordsman Joss Lescaf. They are the local celebrity couple everyone is obsessed with, and the audience gets a glimpse of their extravagant, sordid lifestyle early on. Lescaf fires his driver after discovering his daughter’s panties in the back seat. He comes home still focused on work, but his wife decides to take his mind off everything by seducing him. Holy cow, you want to talk about hot? Joss literally does push-ups into Melia’s throat in one of the most inventive blowjob positions I’ve ever seen! It’s a great start to a great scene that sets the libido aflame. Melia is gorgeous, and she rocks Joss’ world in gleefully wanton fashion.

Meanwhile, Phil secures an interview with Melia about the vacant driver position, and he meets Melia’s personal assistant (Candie Luciani). After landing the driver job, Phil moves to secure jobs for the rest of his kids by getting rid of those already in those coveted positions. It soon becomes apparent why Candie’s panties were in the back seat of the car; she’s a total slut. Phil seduces her easily, and before he knows it, she’s riding the hell out of him. He follows up by plowing the hell out of her ass from behind in a scorching sequence. When Melia finds Candie asleep in her bed, clad in leather fuck-wear, the horny assistant is out, and Jessy Jey (Phil’s oldest daughter) is in!

Jessy then sets her sights on the pool boy position, a simple job that her brother could easily hold. Jessy uses her feminine wiles to lure poor Alex Romero to employment doom. Jessy lets Alex pump her enthusiastically poolside, squealing whorishly as he thrusts himself deep inside her vigorously. The young stallion pounds Jessy’s ass mercilessly, and she enjoys every minute of it. A few post-coitus photos posted strategically on the internet spell the end of Alex’s employment in the Lescaf/Rose household.

With all the service positions filled, the only thing left is a personal English tutor for Melia, which is right in Lauren’s wheelhouse. She lands the job easily, but as she and Melia spend time together, the sexual tension between them rises to a boil that cannot be contained. Things culminate in a beautiful scene in a beautiful bathroom where the two beautiful ladies finger and lick each other into a sexual euphoria.

The tale ends with a fun twist that is well executed. The cast is strong, the story blends sex and comedy together seamlessly, and the sex is dynamite. Luka and Jacquie et Michel ELITE have done it again.


In Phil's family, even though Lauren gives home lessons here and there, the money is starting to run out. So when she showed her father a job offer to be the private driver of a local notable, he jumped at the chance! And given the number of people hired in the villa, he sets up an extremely ambitious scheme based on extreme seduction techniques in order to eliminate each employee and offer all the members of his family a permanent job.

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