Ass 117: Operation Japan

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Ass 117: Operation Japan

Agent Godard (Vince Karter) has been given a secret mission to retrieve sensitive data carried by the unwitting Mr. Viota (Lorenzo Viota), a French national vacationing in Japan. Relying on his wits and training, Agent Godard tracks Viota across the Land of the Rising Sun, using every tool at his disposal to retrieve the information (including the hedonistic atmosphere of Japanese culture).

Luka does a good job of presenting a non-fetish story here which I find very refreshing. I like the cinematography in relation to the settings (especially the various shots of the city), which features transitions between shots that may strike some as sharp and abrupt, but it seems to be a stylistic choice. Ayaka really stands out here and is the easy highlight for me, but Igarashi showcased an oral technique that I found surprisingly interesting. Perhaps Luka’s greatest accomplishment here is the fact that the women in the story are presented in a manner that allows quite a bit of audience immersion into Japanese culture.

Agent Godard receives the parameters of his latest mission from his superior as his Oiran (one of many Japanese variations of the high-priced escort), kneels patiently across the table waiting for him to conclude his business. Once Godard has been briefed, he turns his attention to the nubile Ayaka and she gladly moves to perform her courtesan duties, seductively taking him into her mouth. Great setting here as the room has the look of an authentic Japanese dwelling and the gorgeous Ayaka plays the courtesan role perfectly. There’s a wonderfully excruciating tease to start the sex as Ayaka grinds her pussy on Karter’s lubed shaft without letting him inside her, prompting one to wonder how he managed not to blow his load in her hand. Once she finally lets him in, it’s exactly what you’d expect, with the submissive Ayaka fulfilling Godard’s every deviant, carnal wish.

Meanwhile, Mr. Viota arrives at the airport, selfie stick in hand, awash with the excitement of visiting an exotic country and streaming his experience to his followers on social media. After some sight-seeing, he decides to take a load off in a bath house where Agent Godard catches up with him. After a brief conversation in which Agent Godard offers to show Mr. Viota all the pleasures Kyoto has to offer, the sexy duo of Tsubaki Kato and Mona Hayami join the gentlemen in the bath, and Godard makes a cool exit; leaving Viota, Kato and Hayami to have a steamy threesome in the bath house. Tsubaki really stands out here as her stunning good looks and innocent eyes mesmerize the audience, and Hayami almost feels like a student learning from the master as she watches Kato expertly please Viota while incorporating a few of her own sexual tricks in the process. Unfortunately, we don’t get a full finish because as Godard is rifling through Viota’s things in the changing area in search of the sensitive data, he discovers that it’s actually in the bath house with Viota himself in his personal fanny pack. Having confirmed the data’s location, Godard interrupts the tantalizing tryst and tells Viota they’ve got to get going, leaving everyone (including the audience), unsatisfied.

Godard and Viota arrive at a restaurant and find a scrumptious Shiori waiting for them. She serves as the table on which the gentlemen dine on a meal of elegant sushi before servings as desert herself. Godard and Viota takee turns pounding Shiori’s fresh pussy before Viota takes her in the ass, releasing the floodgates of debauchery. A rapid DP follows, and Shiori seems completely consumed by the hedonistic atmosphere.

Agent Godard takes Mr. Viota to a spa to cap off the day’s adventure, where Viota gets a sensual body scrub by the lovely Igarashi. With the mood set, Godard strolls in and Igarashi rewards them both with the prototypical happy ending. Igarshi has this really unique technique she uses when she’s sucking dick that I’ve never seen before; she sort of nibbles the shaft with the tip of her tongue like she’s testing a hot liquid before taking a gulp. She also rubs Karter’s taint while she does it as he jacks himself like crazy and I must admit it really caught my eye. When everything is done, Agent Godard and Mr. Viota take a stroll around the city (Viota still marveling at the cityscape and streaming everything), and in all his excitement, Godard deftly lifts the fanny pack and disappears into the crowd, leaving a befuddled Viota wondering what happened. Mission accomplished.

This is a fun movie that really gives the Japanese cast members a chance to shine. I like the fact that they aren’t fetishized in any way, but rather, are just given the opportunity to be part of the story. I don’t know if this story was filmed on location, but it felt very much like it was. The setting really transports the audience to Japan and creates a very unique feel. This is doubly true for non-European audiences since the dialogue is all French, but the setting is strongly influenced by Japanese architecture.


Mr. Godard, a French agent sent in Japanese territory, starts to feel pretty bored of his watch. Fortunately, the French secret service has a mission for him: to intercept the sympathetic but simple Lorenzo. He arrives in Tokyo on this very day, carrying ultra-sensitive documents in his fanny pack without even knowing. A piece of cake for our super agent. Or not. Agent Godard will eventually have to scheme the most vicious shenanigans and rope in his most sexy tricksters to lure his dummy partner.

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