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FIll Me Deep

Five duos center around Falcon studs telling each other what they enjoy in the sack, and about each other, and then gleefully acting out their fantasies. Kudos to the legacy brand for taking a break from the usual wham-bam and demonstrating how open communication can amp sexual chemistry.

Studio exclusive Steven Lee — handsomely clean-cut and hung — tells cute, inked Jackson Cooper that he is strictly a topman. Jackson, amenable, adapts quickly to deliver Lee a terrific, sensual blowjob and then ride Lee’s boner with skill and an intensity that Lee seems to particularly enjoy.

Lee returns to throw a solid fuck into Cazden Hunter, a somewhat shy, sensual bottom with a sub vibe that slowly bubbles to the surface and meshes nicely with Lee, whose sexplay is more forceful and aggressive than his earlier hookup (as usual, he grins like mad as he fucks, which is a pleasure to see).

Boyishly cute, compliant studpup Austin Avery enjoys a tasty hookup with muscular dreamboat Arad Winwin. It’s an appealing pairing of physical types. Avery’s desire is to be physical dominated, a wish that is easy for Winwin to fulfill. Lucky Avery also gets a turn in the sack with superhero-gorgeous exclusive Ryan Rose, another aggressive topman who enjoys being serviced and worshipped (“I like to be owned,” Avery tells him with a grin). Winwin is more sensual, while Rose is focused and all-business.

Exclusive Cade Maddox, a handsome side of beef, and lean, inked Nic Sahara are another appealing pair of opposite physical types. They’re also exceptionally well-matched as sexual partners. Maddox and Sahara are both friendly, sensual lovers; Sahara’s oral skills are peerless and he knows how use his body to stimulate his topman’s cock as they make love.


In this modern world of instant gratification, soulless encounters off hook-up apps, and the random anonymity of bathhouse culture, communication and consent often fall by the wayside. Not so in Fill Me Deep, Falcon's sizzling bareback all-sex feature based on a simple yet revolutionary idea: talking to your partner before sex. As director Tony DiMarco conducts five short interviews, eight of Falcon's hunkiest models - Austin Avery, Jackson Cooper, Cazden Hunter, Steven Lee, Cade Maddox, Ryan Rose, Nic Sahara, and Arad Winwin - get the rare opportunity to tell their scene partner what they like, in bed and about each other, which sets the stage for scorching hot sexual interludes as they shed their clothes and their inhibitions.

Total top Steven tells vers stud Jackson that flip-fucking is not on the table, and Jackson is totally cool with getting his hole pounded. Boyish bottom Austin lets dom top Arad know he likes getting his ass eaten and being fucked a bit rough and his wishes are granted. Cade wants to breed Nic's hole, and what Cade wants, Cade gets. Steven returns to give greedy bottom Cazden exactly what he needs. And longtime friends, frequent fuckbuds, and sometime scene mates Austin and Ryan don't need to negotiate, they just do what they do best: assume their favorite positions and make each other squirt. "Less Talk, More Cock" is a great motto, and once the raw sex starts, these fucking hot barebackers don't say a lot except focus on fulfilling everyone's erotic expectations when tops take over bottoms in Fill Me Deep.

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