Parallel Lust 2

Digital Playground
Parallel Lust 2

Digital Playground’s 2019 series exploring taboo fantasies returns with three new episodes. Envisioned as a parody of the mainstream series “Black Mirror,” “Parallel Lust” features some fine performances from some of the industry’s most popular talent.

Megan Rain and Ricky Johnson:

Robin (Rain) and Kyle (Johnson) order the popular Jezebel to spice up their sex life. The Jezebel is an artificial intelligence device designed to collect data about sexual desires through listening, observing, and analyzing content consumption in order to facilitate the exploration of desires. While Robin is excited, Kyle is hesitant and uncomfortable with how much the Jezebel seems to know about them. However, after assurances that the device exists only to enhance their sex lives by helping them realize the fantasies they already have (including the idea of making a sex tape), Kyle relents and decides to indulge Robin’s fantasy of being handcuffed during sex.

Megan has a fantastic ass and holy cow is it on wonderful display throughout this scene! Seriously, the doggie sequence where Ricky holds her handcuffed arms up while she grinds her pussy on his dick is fantastic. Watching her ass undulate under the force of her gyrations is amazing and may be one of the best sexual moments I’ve seen in 2020. There’s a lot of fetish work here as well, with Megan wearing knee-high leather boots and matching leather straps as underwear, the incorporation of a whip and cuffs, and the director even sneaks a bit of POV camera work into the mix. As their exciting encounter comes to an end, the couple learns the Jezebel has done something that will ignite a dramatic series of events.

Megan Rain and Abigail Mac:

Upset at the invasion of their privacy by the Jezebel, Kyle vows to take his concerns directly to the company. Robin on the other hand, isn’t nearly as frustrated with the Jezebel’s actions. Instead she’s turned on by the positive comments from everyone who watched their video, and finds herself longing to watch it again. The Jezebel senses Robin’s desire, and suggests she give in to her urges. What follows is a very erotic solo sequence, with Robin masturbating while watching footage from the previous night. This is very well done and furthers the sci-fi immersion of an A.I. integrating itself into the lives of real people. It feels so good to see a story like this incorporate sex so naturally into the narrative. Again, I have to compliment Megan’s smoking body and watching her manipulate her pussy in exactly the way she wants is very erotic.

Things take a turn when the Jezebel suggests Robin get rid of Kyle because she gets more pleasure out of sex when he isn’t in the picture. The Jezebel reminds Robin that during her application survey, she described her perfect lesbian lover, and surmises that Robin is no longer satisfied with Kyle. To validate its hypothesis, the unit creates a living version of the perfect lesbian lover (Abigail Mac) based on Robin’s survey. Unable to resist the allure of the womanly bombshell standing before her, Robin succumbs to the Jezebel’s advances and gives herself to the physical manifestation of her innermost desires. Mac’s body is impressive as her toned muscles ripple almost on their own with every move she makes. She is dominant and aggressive, but also passionate and patient as she shows Robin the path to fulfilling her fantasy. The pile-driver and scissoring are both great, but the highlight is Mac lifting Rain into a standing 69 and annihilating her pussy with her tongue. Wow! After the sexual shenanigans, the Jezebel reveals a chilling secret that only serves to heighten the already intense sci-fi horror vibe.

Adria Rae and Xander Corvus:

College students Adria and Toby (Corvus) are spending the weekend together. With midterms looming, Adria is focused on her studies, while Toby is much more interested in doing something fun, like fucking. After some unsuccessful prodding, Toby decides to shower, leaving Adria alone in his room. Worried that Toby might be getting his rocks off somewhere else considering she’s been preoccupied with school as of late, Adria decides to search his room for evidence to support her suspicions. She finds a virtual reality headset that contains a horny digital avatar of her, created by Toby. Confused, yet oddly intrigued, Adria finds herself commanding the avatar to show her the dirty things Toby likes her to do, and before long, she’s masturbating to her avatar’s. When Toby walks in and finds her, she decides to show him that she can be just as nasty in reality as she is in his fantasy. I really want to give credit to both performers here, as the sex they engage in is totally in line with their characters. Toby is borderline maniacal in the way that he ravages Adria, and she is understandably shocked by Toby’s uncharacteristic aggressiveness. Watch her face when Xander is fucking her mouth or pounding her mercilessly in a vulnerable position; her eyes are wide with surprise and a touch of fear as she endures his relentless thrusting. This is fantastic character work within the sex scene and is so vital to feature-style porn. The dark swerve at the end comes in an intense moment between Adria in the real world and Adria’s avatar, but you’ll have to watch yourself to see what happens!

This series has a lot going for it, including highly enticing sex and some strong performances. Zach deserves credit for writing two interesting stories with dynamic characters, and Brett Brando deserves recognition for bringing everything together nicely. Megan Rain, Adria Rae and Xander Corvus all shine as character performers and seeing Ricky Johnson’s character written absent fetishization was very satisfying.


Parallel Lust is an anthology series exploring the dark side of sexual desires and urges that lurk beneath the surface of seemingly normal individuals, offering a dark examination of the taboo as a multitude of characters come in contact with overwhelming f-rces of temptation, seduction, and erotic danger.

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