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Josh Moore battles a set of contradictory impulses: monogamy or carefree hookups with a variety of guys? He breaks up with a cheating boyfriend and sets off on a road trip with a sexually liberated buddy to find answers. Hunky Dan Saxon steals the show in three encounters, but MVP honors go to the unsinkable Devin Franco, as usual.

Dimarco brings his usual technical polish to this enviable road trip and gives both Moore and Saxon, especially, a solid turn in the spotlight.

Cade Maddox and Ryan Rose are a couple of musclebound fantasy figures come to life. Rose, usually an aggressive alpha top, takes the bottom role this time around. He and Maddox are equally matched; they share a hungry, testosterone-fueled chemistry. Maddox has no problem keeping up; he’s typically a gentle, sensual lover, so it’s a pleasure to see him go hammer-and-tongs with an equally muscular stud.

Dan Saxon is brawny and handsome with long locks that are almost never seen in gay porn. (Why are there so few long-haired dudes in porn?) Devin Franco is a fantastic lover and brings out the best in all of his scene partners. He smiles broadly and maintains a connection; his eyes roll back into head when he’s fucked as if he’s never felt anything so good and he rides Saxon’s boner like he was born for the job. He’s a national treasure.

Saxon recurs for a slurpy blowjob delivered, at first, through a bathroom glory hole by humpy, voracious studpup Dakota Payne, who chokes and gags and displays an eager, up-for-more grin when Dick Dawson shows up. Saxon sprays his cute features with seed before Payne happily turns to suck on Dawson’s boner. He bends over as Dawson, lean and rangy, feasts on his crack, acrobatically fucks him atop the toilet and then bends him over the urinals until he pops.

Studly Colton Reece and adorable, ripe Austin Avery enjoy a sensual fuck on the floor in front of a fireplace. The intensity of their sexplay gradually builds until Reece and his thick rocket of a boner practically bounce in-and-out of Avery’s accommodating hole.

Saxon returns one more time for an erotic threesome wherein he and Josh Moore share another lean, sensual pup in Greyson Lane. The young hunk is utterly dominated by the two studs; he’s lean and tanned and switches back-and-forth between two boners, and a pair of piledriving fucks, with pleasure.


Buckle up for Falcon's bareback blockbuster movie event Califuckinfornia. Watch two best friends set out on a steamy sexual adventure... an epic road trip down the infamous Pacific Coast Highway filled with seaside surfers, gas station glory holes, emotional revelations and everlasting memories. Join award-winning director Tony Dimarco with an all-star bareback line-up of ten fresh-faced, big-dicked studs who like to ride more than just waves. It all starts in the Castro in San Francisco with Ryan Rose and Cade Maddox tearing off each other's clothes for a wild bareback romp, until Cade's sexy British boyfriend Josh Moore comes home with flowers only to find the rumpled sheets proving Cade's infidelity. The fight that ensues leaves Josh Moore homeless and looking to his buddy Dan Saxon in Santa Cruz for a place to stay. Josh gets off the bus to find Dan getting busy with power-bottom Devin Franco. After they finish, Dan invites Josh to hop in his VW van and get out of town for a journey down the PCH where Josh can let loose and relax. On the road, they stop to gas up. Dan uses the bathroom, where he finds a glory hole stall occupied by cute cocksucker Dakota Payne, who greets him with a deep throat and a winning smile. Dick Dawson joins them and they double-dick Dakota till Dan blows a huge load of jizz and joins a distraught Josh back in the van, simmering with anger and disapproval at Dan's laid-back beach boy approach to casual sex.

Meanwhile, Dick and Dakota go for it in a balls-to-the-wall bareback buttfuck echoing through the filthy men's room till they both shoot their wad. Now, in a serious debate about promiscuity vs. romance, Dan dares Josh to pick up hot hitchhiker Austin Avery on their way to crash at buddy Colton Reece's mountain cabin. During the night, Colton finds Austin on the floor by the fireside and fucks the wandering stranger deep and raw. In the light of day, true confessions reveal more to their friendship than a platonic bond and so to explore their mutual crush, Dan and Josh pick up sexy young surfer Greyson Lane at a roadhouse cafe and go back to his beach shack for a seed swapping three way as they tag team Greyson and fill his hole with their sloppy loads. Torn between his old buttoned up life and a new chapter of sexual adventure, Josh decides to keep driving with Dan down the PCH to Mexico, as the sun sets in the west and night descends on another adventurous day along the sunny shores of Califuckinfornia.

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