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The Casting

From the fine, freaky fornicators at Pure Taboo, both “The Casting” and “The Starlet: A Casey Calvert Story” are stories about women in show business, with both featured ladies — Abigail Mac and Casey Calvert — performing swimmingly; the latter story written (or co-written) by Ms. Calvert herself (since she’s credited as one of the screenwriters, along with Bree Mills); Mac and Calvert magnificently proving what outstanding stars they are in this well-acted, well-directed brace of naughty, tense tales.

Auditioning for her first-ever role, which, unbeknownst to her — at the beginning at least — turns out to be a porn scene, an eager-beaver/innocent actress, played by Abigail Mac, gets in over her head with some truly erotic results. Mac’s character shows up at a private house, where the audition is taking place, with the scene’s actor, played by Seth Gamble, and the “director,” Jake Adams, portraying good cop/bad cop, respectively, slowly coaxing a very nervous, soon suspicious, ultimately bullied Mac into having sex with both of them to see if she’s right for their “romantic project with a few … intimate scenes … requiring some nudity.”

Seth jumps her bones as it’s filmed, with Gamble getting rougher as the scene progresses, telling her to stop being “a diva” and do what the director says. Pretty intense. It’s all on a sofa, with Gamble literally thrusting himself upon her. Mac, obviously in character, is on the verge of tears, and quite convincing about it, too. Then Adams, literally, gets into the scene, acting as if he’s showing Gamble what he wants. Again, Mac shows what a fine actress she is, first refusing, then succumbing to the powers-that-be; with both manipulative creeps getting a piece of the action.

The best moments with Mac are definitely her choking on cock (she’s one of the best in the biz, no doubt about that one), as well as jumping back and forth ‘tween the guys during cowgirl; in turn, showing off her precious voluptuous bod; while doggie with Mac is also fairly amazing. I love how she eventually loses herself in the role, really grunting, panting, groaning ever so sincerely, before her face is eventually turned into a human candle (a melting one, at that!), what with the double dose of dick paste wildly splashing across her sexy mug.

In tale two, “The Starlet (A Casey Calvert Story),” Ms. Calvert plays an actress who’s expected to privately practice her stunts with, unknown to her before he shows up at her doorstep, her much-hated ex-boyfriend, with a major, way horny grudge-fuck eventually erupting; featuring Calvert, one of the best performers in the business, gluttonously taking it up the ass. Pierce and Calvert have to practice boxing together, with Calvert being resistant and disgusted the first day. She looks so great, though.

We cut to day 2, where she’s a bit less uptight and willing to work, although we sense that Case is plotting something wicked. She winds up punching Pierce in the nose … accidentally. Yeah, right. Totally pissed, he leaves. After Calvert hears from her agent that Pierce had hit his girlfriend the night before with the cops getting involved (but Pierce not being charged), she gets turned on, insisting to her agent that Pierce still practice with her, despite the agent’s concerns. Hell, you can see the wheels spinning in Casey’s devilish mind. On day 3, she once again gets Pierce upset, with the sequence showing that they’re both good actors.

This time, Calvert insists that Pierce “fight (her) for real”, leading to Pierce getting way pushed out of shape (understandably!) when she knocks him in the nuts, with the winner of this actual fight getting “anything (he or she) wants”; our reward (and Pierce’s!) being one helluva rough suck/fuck delivered by Squire Derrick. They start heatedly wrestling, with Pierce treating her like a ragdoll and totally dominating her, which I sense is what she wants anyway. And yes, he wins. Case seems apathetic at first about the ensuing sex, but it’s all an act. This woman is so cute, with such a juicy body, it’s ridiculous. I could fuck her mouth, pussy, ass (not necessarily in that order) for an entire week without eating a crumb o’ food. I have a feeling Pierce feels the same way. During the sex itself, Calvert, like Abigail Mac, shows why she’s one of the industry’s best deepthroaters, as Pierce grabs her hair and face-fucks her; Case gagging, spitting and choking, while making all kinds of erotically nasty noises.

And we’re soon treated to one awesome position after another with Calvert. Cowgirl is amazing, as Casey’s ass cheeks cascade like mad; her eyes rolling into the back of her skull. Yeah, she’s absolutely into it at this point in the story. Reverse-cowgirl lets you revel in Calvert’s terrific set of all-natural boobies. Doggie is superb, too, and when Pierce moves to doggie-anal … mama! Case also (as you can imagine) enjoys being spanked and (literally) choked. Derrick really doggie-slams it to her good in the ass, with our girl soon being beside herself with passion, Pierce going back and forth ‘tween pink and stink (always a major turn-on). He does the same thing during missionary, slapping her tits and continuing to rattle her pretty little neck; Calvert absolutely digging it (natch); with our man Pierce eventually whitewashing Case’s pretty face. Whew! Quite the scene.

While “The Casting” is darkly intense, “The Starlet” is relatively far lighter; with both sex scenes being thoroughly temperature-/dick-rising thanks to the sincere performances by Mac and (one of my all-time faves) Calvert; while the movie’s fine direction and believable acting making it further provocative. Definitely catch this one. You won’t be disappointed.


Amy (Abigail Mac), a young waitress, still dressed in her work uniform, rifles through her purse to find some change for the bus when her phone rings. It's her agent on the other end of the line, calling to inform the struggling actress that she received an invitation to audition for a new mainstream project. The day of the audition, Amy looks a little confused. "Do we have a script?" she asks. The director smiles, with Tony (Seth Gamble), the male lead, chiming in. "Stevie likes to freestyle his auditions," he adds. "Starting off with how you look!" Amy slowly turns around, trying to keep her composure. She feels awkward.

Emma (Casey Calvert) is a Hollywood starlet that cares only about herself. She further proves this by causing a movie producer grief by being late for training with a stuntman. When she finds out that the stuntman she'll be closely working with is none other than Michael (Derrick Pierce), her ex-boyfriend, her entitled attitude makes her even more difficult to work with.

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