7 Minutes in Heaven

Falcon Studios
7 Minutes in Heaven

A grown-up, erotic version of the classic high school kissing game upends the boundaries and expectations of a quartet of handsome male couples. All of the sex is top-notch but MVP honors to delectable Michael Boston and wanton Dakota Payne, with a special nod, as ever, to the unsinkable Devin Franco.

Tech credits are strong, including attractively fluid camerawork and editing.

Franco, in an open relationship (with Steven Lee), hooks up with a reluctant Jake Porter, who is allegedly monogamous (with Payne). Nevertheless, they pair-off for a sweaty bedroom flip-fuck. Franco delivers a superb, sloppy deep throat blowjob and then thoroughly enjoys an aggressive pounding; when they switch roles, Franco is equally as focused and wild when he fucks Porter.

Despite the good time, and splattery climax, Porter doesn’t care for the game and leaves. Franco and Lee offer Payne the comfort of a vigorous threesome. All three men share a friendly chemistry; Payne is adorably cute with colorful body ink and an intense sexual hunger that really seems to turn Lee’s crank (Franco, a national treasure, is always raring to go). The men hungrily service Lee’s thick boner and take turns riding his cock, then switch up the roles so Franco can enjoy a spit-roast of his own.

Payne brings the same level of erotic intensity to his one-on-one with Colton Reece, who really rises to the occasion when he has a power bottom to encourage and provoke him to fuck harder; Reece also keeps the dirty talk rolling as he ravishes fratboy-handsome Michael Boston, whose powerful thighs and muscle butt are an alluring temptation. Their oral favors in the bathroom have real steam heat.

Boston also has his plush ass plowed by rugged hunk Pierce Paris, the reigning XBIZ Awards winner for Gay Performer of the Year. Paris begins their sexplay with an appealing tentativeness and allows a smiling, confident Boston to set the tone; gradually the steam heat builds as they bang in bed and Paris buries his boner deep inside Boston’s chute.

Affable stud Wesley Woods pairs off for a friendly tryst with Lee. Neither is more dominant than the other; they both clearly take pleasure in servicing each other and Woods openly and vocally demonstrates his enjoyment.


Relationships are complicated and no two are alike. Award-winning director Tony Dimarco explores what happens when friends from all types of relationships - closed to open - get together to play a little sex game called 7 Minutes in Heaven. When these eight hung and horny studs play the game, the tops put their names in a bowl and the bottoms draw to see who they hit it with. Anything can happen, couples are swapped, and everyone finishes satisfied in this bareback feature from iconic Falcon Studios. After the game is finished, these spent studs will be grateful for their 7 Minutes in Heaven. Devin Franco gets Jake Porter alone in the bedroom where the two studs swap blowjobs before taking turns fucking each other raw, ending in a sweaty, creamy mess. Colton Reece and Michael Boston sneak off to a secluded bathroom where they blow each other until their balls are drained. Pierce Paris leads Michael to the bedroom where Michael services Pierce's monster cock in every way possible until Michael's hole is covered with cum.

Dakota Payne pulls Colton's name on a piece of paper in the game 7 Minutes in Heaven, and the two naturally go off to fuck. Colton fucks Dakota bare until he shoots his load all over his ass. Colton tastes his own jizz before sharing it with Dakota then fucks him again until Dakota blasts his load. Wesley Woods is the next to play the game and pulls Steven Lee's name from the bowl. Before you know it, the studs are alone in the bedroom 69ing, then Steven slides deep into Wesley and pounds him raw until he fucks the cum out of Wesley. Will Wesley reconsider his monogamous relationship after playing the game? When the game is done, Dakota runs into Steven and Devin by the pool. The couple convinces Dakota to join them for some bareback fun and soon Dakota and Devin are taking turns getting pounded by Steven. After getting fucked, Dakota decides to switch it up when Dakota and Steven finish by taking turns on Devin, filling both his holes with cum and leaving him covered in jizz.

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