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Under the Bed 2

Eric Falardeau and Bree Mills bring intense horror to horny life in these two grim tales that feel very inspired by both classic and modern horror tropes.

The first thing I want to say about this project is the production value is very, very high and that is always welcome in porn. The fact that the first story is shot mostly outside is super cool because it creates a sense of realism; it feels more like a mainstream horror project than a porn shoot. The second thing I want to credit is the makeup. Bella Rolland’s creepy gills look fantastic and they make the entire scene pop with those horror-inspired shivers and goosebumps. Kudos to whomever was responsible for that! The second scene is equally creepy, and feels like something straight out of a 50’s horror film. Classic horror is such a ripe genre for porn and both Falardeau and Mills pull it off perfectly. The wardrobe and settings look great, (a running theme throughout the entire film) and the performances are appropriately gripping.

“The Thing From the Lake” (Bree Daniels, Bella Rolland and Lucas Frost):

Bree Daniels is a scientific researcher who is trying to figure out why all the vegetation in a certain area near a lake is dying. There’s a mysterious fungal infestation in the area, and she has tasked herself with collecting samples to study. One of her samples comes into contact with her skin unknowingly, and when Bree wakes up, she finds herself overcome with mysterious symptoms.

The setting here is awesome. Bree spends a lot of time tramping around thick underbrush as she collects samples of the infection, and there are some really great effects to be seen from the goopy, black slime oozing down the trunk of a gnarled tree, to the uncharacteristically huge mushrooms brimming with colorful gunk, the practical effects are outstanding. The lake looks convincingly murky and adds to the infectious aesthetic of the scene.

The confusion Bree experiences when she wakes up after being infected is shared by the audience as neither we, nor Bree, knows where Lucas Frost came from, or what Bella Rolland is. It’s all very unsettling and well executed. I love the way Bree wakes up topless (holy this woman has a wonderful rack) and sees an unconscious Frost instinctively stroking his cock, which immediately causes her to begin pleasuring herself. She looks so good masturbating, the entire scene could have just been a dual solo scene and it would have still been hot.

Watching a naked Bella rise from the tall grass and descent upon Frost without words was right out of a horror film, and the scene takes on a voyeuristic atmosphere that does a good job of bringing some variety to the trope with its horror element. Listen to Bella’s guttural grunting, it’s simultaneously unnerving and arousing and keeps the viewer solidly engaged in the horror aspect of the scene. Great touch. Bella works Lucas over nicely and brings him to a slimy finish (in more ways than one) then she catches Bree’s eye, causing the scientist to dress hurriedly and make her way back to the perceived safety of her tent.

Later that day, Bella rises from the lake and tracks Bree to her tent, and much like she did with Lucas, the creature descends upon Daniels with no explanation. They dynamic between the two is very cool as Bree seems overwhelmed with awe the entire time, while Bella exudes an animalistic hunger. The shot from behind of Bella feasting on Bree’s pussy while Bree leans back against an old, cracked tree is really fantastic. That’s some great cinematography. I also love that you can tell the performers are fucking right in the dirt of the earth. No mattress hidden just out of the frame and no inexplicable blanket, it’s just them literally laying on the ground feasting on each other. That is some serious dedication from everyone involved and the audience should appreciate it. I was also really impressed with this scene’s roots. It felt like a re-imagined, pornographic expansion on “The Raft” from “Creepshow 2” and it was incredibly well done.

“Fertile” (Alina Lopez, Angela White, Isiah Maxwell, Charles Dera and Tommy Pistol):

Bethany Clark is a young woman in her mid-20s who is desperate to conceive a child with her husband Tommy Pistol. After a year of trying every therapy they can think of, Bethany wants to try an experimental clinical trial from Dr. Angeles. With her husband dead set against what he believes is an obvious scam, and Bethany more desperate and frustrated than she’s ever been, she decides to go behind Tommy’s back and take part in the trial on her own.

Bree Mills really takes her time letting this story develop. There is a lot of exposition between Alina and Tommy that is honestly, pretty tough to watch. Both performers do a great job projecting anguish, anger and despair throughout the first 10 minutes of the story and it’s so good, and feels so real, that those 10 minutes feel like an eternity. It’s impossible not to empathize with the couple, particularly Bethany, as they endure failed pregnancy after failed pregnancy. I suspect women who have, or know someone who has gone through this will be hit particularly hard. It’s really great storytelling.

When Bethany arrives at Dr. Angeles’ clinic, Angela White takes center stage and her presence captures the remainder of the film. There is a very creepy effect during her initial meeting with Bethany where her face has a sickly purple hue to it and she’s wearing a black turtleneck. It gives her the appearance of a wide-eyed madwoman with no neck and it is pretty unnerving. That was an awesome effect. Eventually Dr. Crazy Eyes gets Alina into the experimentation room where she fucks multiple male creations. From riding a mummified Isiah Maxwell, to getting completely wrecked by a rabid Charles Dera, to being probed and inseminated by a pseudo-headless freak, Bethany endures a gamut of sexual ravage that leaves her utterly spent, while Angela White does her best creepy Dr. Frankenstein. The story ends with a nod to the iconic “What’s in the box?” cinema moment that leaves Tommy Pistol horrified.

This is really good horror and the sex is incorporated perfectly. The gore factor of Bree’s tale is matched by the creep factor of Alina’s tale and both work to create extremely intense experiences. Bree Daniels really is lovely to look at and everything she does in her story is arousing, while Alina, Angela and Tommy really put on an acting clinic in their tale that makes the sex a lot more impactful than it would be otherwise. Both directors have a great eye for settings and they both know who to capture memorable visuals. Two very different horror tales that will illicit very different emotional responses, this movie is a must watch for anyone who likes to feel their skin crawl while their libido is stimulated.


Scientist Rita (Bree Daniels) is in the field collecting samples, looking for an explanation for a mysterious phenomenon that is making the vegetation around a lake decompose from within. Determined to get to the bottom of the situation, Rita resolves to get some more samples from an area near the lake. She accidentally drops some of the sample on herself which causes an instantaneous effect on Rita. She sways on her feet. Hours later, her eyes snap open. Groggy, she rises, realizing that she's naked. She notices that a man (Lucas Frost) is sunbathing by the lake. Bethany (Alina Lopez) is desperate to start a family of her own. She and her husband, Nathan (Tommy Pistol), have been doing EVERYTHING to try and get pregnant, but nothing's working. After the latest disappointing news from yet another fertility doctor, it seems like all hope is lost. But when Bethany sees a sketchy flyer on the couple's car windshield, there is another spark: it's a flyer promising successful fertilization!

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