Freshmen Affairs

Freshmen Affairs

A quintet of one-on-one scenes populated with nine comely young studpups featured on BelAmi’s twink imprint MVP honors to striking newcomers Benoit Ulliel, Nate Donaghy and Fabien Jacq.

Justin Saradon, a later-generation BelAmi star, and dreamy, blue-eyed Benoit Ulliel are an eye-catching pair as they straddle in a chair, in front of an open balcony, slowly kissing (Ulliel also smokes briefly). Both are preppy-handsome and all business as they enjoy each other’s cocks and bodies. Ulliel is an energetic, intense topman as he fucks his buddy and then shows an intriguing versatility as he fully submits to Saradon when they switch roles; the latter seems particularly turned-on as they fuck.

Hugo Diorr sports a distinctive head of wild curls that set him apart from his stablemates. He projects a slight air of bemusement, as if he can’t quite believe what he’s doing. Oliver Coogan is boyishly charismatic with a sensual lovemaking style whose gradual intensity meshes well with Diorr’s compliance as a bottom. Director Luke Hamill’s camerawork in this scene is nicely detail-oriented.

Newcomer Fabien Jacq, preppy-handsome with a gleaming smile and floppy locks, is all arms and legs with ridged abs. He is a compliant bottom to the considerably talented Bastian Dufy, who takes full control of their hookup. Dufy deep-throats the cute young stud’s curved boner and throws him a smooth, skilled fuck-session. Jacq maintains eye contact throughout; it will be exciting to see how his kinky side develops, either as a dom or a sub.

Liam Efron, nicknamed “Superman,” is called over to the home of Jim Durden for an energetic fuck session. The pair of twinks are certainly well-matched. They dive onto each other’s cocks – Efron is especially slavish – and bounce around the bedroom. Efron piston-fucks Durden, who also proves himself a power-bottom. The power exchange between them is pleasurable; Efron also licks up some of Durden’s seed with a devilish grin.

Nate Donaghy is tall and very slim with long legs, floppy hair and a big, strong nose that makes for a striking profile. He’s grins shyly as he strips Efron out of his shorts as the latter trains a camera on him. They’re an adorable pair with friendly chemistry and Donaghy appears to enjoy fucking someone with Efron’s sexual skills and anything-goes vibe.


Freshmen affairs. When twinks are hungry for each other.

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