Outta the Park!

Raging Stallion Studios
Outta the Park!

A strong six-scene effort following the sexcapades of the “Stallions,” a baseball team whose focus is on different bats and balls. Kudos for the clever costuming and production design. Cruz, as ever, pairs men who genuinely get off on each other; it makes all the difference. MVP honors, among a uniformly terrific cast, to Drake Masters, Sharok and newcomer Wade Wolfgar.

Well-seasoned “bat boy” Sharok is only too happy to offer relief in the form of ball handling, and more, to weary team members Ricky Larkin and Wade Wolfgar. Sharok and Larkin are similarly fit, hirsute and brawny, while Wolfgar is less furry but with an appealing masculine sensuality. They spit-roast Sharok with hungry pleasure; Wolfgar also ably takes cock from Larkin.

Cosplay/furry aficionados ought to enjoy the sweaty, aggressive matchup between Jessie Colter and Drake Masters, who plays a surly, horned-up team mascot who starts trashing Colter’s concessions stand. Colter, as gorgeously fit as ever, is justly celebrated for his world-class ass. But this time around he plays topman to hairy, gruff and bearded Drake Masters. It’s a terrific, testosterone-fueled fuck stacked with grunts and growls of manly pleasure.

Papi Suave (a rising star in adult) is a persistent fan pestering Rooney Marx for a selfie in the gym. Suave is bearded and colorfully inked across his chest with a bubble butt that is sinfully tempting in a jock strap, while Marx is tall and lean with a ripped swimmer’s physique. Suave is the bottom but his eager encouragement and whines of pleasure power their sexplay.

Wolfgar returns for a sizzling matchup in the gym opposite Donnie Argento, whose cock is too much of a temptation for his workout buddy. Assplay, slurpy blowjobs and foreskin worship are among the highlights. Larkin also returns to ravish adorably eager power bottom Lucas Leon (cue “fat weiner” jokes).

Anthoni Hardie, a handsome, lean otter, is inevitably caught when he sneaks into the locker room to soak up the “ball stank” of dirty jock straps. Argento and Nigel March put him through pervy punishment, which Hardie eagerly, slavishly laps up like a man starving for cock. Director Steve Cruz allows the men to unleash and they really go at it hammer-and-tongs.


America's favorite pastime is baseball and the Stallions are the hottest team in the league! With more hard hunks than any other team, these bareback hunks know how to knock it Outta the Park!. Join award-winning director Steve Cruz as he coaches eleven horny studs on and around the diamond leaving no balls left undrained. When the players from this league show up at bat, you better be ready because in this game there are no foul balls, no strike-outs, the bases are always loaded, and the hung jocks are all waiting to hit it Outta the Park. When star players Ricky Larkin and Wade Wolfgar step out of the showers, they find bat boy Sharok cleaning up the locker room. Sharok knows the guys need to blow off steam and offers up his hole for them to use in an epic, switch-hitting threeway, until Ricky and Sharok spray jizz all over Wade's tight hairy body. Opposing team mascot Drake Masters harasses concession vendor Jessie Colter. When Jessie tries to get Drake to leave, Jessie finds out that Drake's sausage tastes better than the wieners he sells. Jessie pounds the mascot until he fucks the cum out of Drake and pumps his load deep into Drake's hairy hole.

Donnie Argentino and Wade are training for the playoffs when Donnie pulls out his dick for Wade to gobble up, and the two take turns sucking cock until Drake drenches Donnie's ass with jizz and takes Donnie's load on his tongue. When Ricky orders up a "nice big juicy wiener" from the concession stand, Lucas Leon takes his cue and sucks Ricky's cock before getting his legs in the air so Ricky can fuck the ass in front of him until his cock erupts with cum. Superfan Papi Suave runs into his favorite player Rooney Marx at the gym and offers up his ass so Rooney can get balls deep inside the muscle hunk. Rooney fucks the jizz out of Papi and then pumps his load on Papi's hole to fuck back inside. During a Stallions game, Anthoni Hardie slips into the locker room to perv out and sniff the team's dirty, used jocks. Ball players Nigel March and Donnie catch the culprit in the act and offer up the fresh, sweaty jocks for the perverted fan to sniff while they use Anthoni's holes. Nigel pulls a double play and fucks both Donnie and Anthoni until everyone gets their bases loaded.

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