The Gentleman

The Gentleman

Zac Wild is a troubled young man who struggles to control his inner demons associated with a deep, wounding rejection from Kristen Scott, a previous lover with whom things ended so badly her memory physically haunts him.

Unfortunately, each time Zac fails to control his dark impulses, an innocent young woman loses her life. Can anything stop this cycle of torment and heal Zac’s broken psyche or will his sociopathic reign of terror continue unchecked?

Created in 2012, is a high-end studio that specializes in erotic, tension-filled movies ranging in genre from taboo, to drama to passionate romances. “The Gentleman” plays out like a series, rather than a feature, as each encounter elapses over a long period of screen time; too short to be a standalone movie, but too long to be considered a standalone scene.

It’s a very unique format that works really well to hook the viewer for the long haul, because it allows the audience to get highly invested in the narrative. I would caution that some viewers might find the long run time (over four hours) off-putting if they try to consume the entire movie in a single sitting, but taken as an episodic event it works quite well.

The cast is very strong and everyone does a great job holding the heavy mood of the series. While I could talk at length about the strength of the individual performances (which were great), I think it’s pertinent to focus on the strong work of Zac Wild and Lacy Lennon. They both effectively portray the disturbed nature of their individual psychoses and the way they play off each other is very impressive. In fact, the cast as a whole delivers such strong performances, it’s easy to call this one of the best adult projects of the year.

Wild does a lot of the heavy lifting in the sexual department to start the series out. His pairing with Bree Daniels is emotionally charged due in large part to Bree’s despondent nature during the episode. Her story is poignant and even though the audience knows what Zac is, Bree’s desperation to feel loved makes us want to see her and Zac together. Wild does such a good job portraying a tortured victim of his own disaster, he’s able to create an irrational hope within the audience that this time he’ll be different.

As for the sex itself, the highlight is the scrumptious cowgirl. Bree has a great ass and Missa X captures some really wonderful angles of Zac pounding into her from underneath. Watching her buttocks ripple from the impact of his desperate thrusts is awesome. There’s a very intense creampie, followed by an absolutely delicious Bree Daniels begging for more with a single, confident, sexually charged word, and culminating with Wild pounding his way to multiple follow-up creampies including a messy facial. It is really something!

Zac also gets a chance to have a tryst with a very vulnerable Mona Wales who exudes a wonderful sense of shameful aimlessness that informs the entire scene. For Zac, the sex is about trying to exorcise his demons of rejection, but for Mona, it’s about submitting to a power of her choosing. It’s quite powerful and provocative to watch Mona exercise her agency to give herself to Zac so completely. Mona is so pretty and she has an incredibly sexy voice, which is on slutty display here as she verbally pushes Wild over the finish line in sexy fashion. This scene is awesome.

Lacy Lennon enters the picture and the entire narrative changes dramatically. The lack of power Zac has becomes blatantly apparent as Lacy assumes the dominant role in the story and their sex scene plays out the same way. Lacy leads the action from start to finish in merciless fashion. From her incredibly sloppy blowjob (holy deepthroat!), to the way she berates Zac’s vigor throughout, she makes it known that she is in charge. Lacy also deserves credit for her insane balancing skills during the reverse cowgirl. She perched on Zac’s thighs like a champion. I honestly can’t believe she didn’t slip off him. Easily the most intense scene in the movie, both performers really go for it and the result is very explosive.

Lacy’s scene with Chad White is much more tame than her romp with Wild, but its no less arousing. The standing side-doggie on the sink is fantastic as it offers the viewer an awesome view of Lacy’s ass and that could have been the only position in the scene and it would have still been a winner. We get to see a lot of Lacy’s ass in this scene which is great (for obvious reasons) and Chad’s stamina is noteworthy as he rarely takes a moment to rest resulting in a non-stop stuffing for Lacy. The finish is a rather thick creampie that leaves Lacy utterly satisfied.

The lovely Kira Noir has a pretty passionate scene with Chad White that is a nice contrast to the rest of the sex in the movie in that it is very couples-friendly. Not too much spit, no choking, very little slapping, yet still firmly erotic and arousing. I like this scene because it offers something for a different audience in a series filled to the brim with harder sex. It also fit their characters well and I always enjoy that. Kira is a gorgeous young woman and she’s got great stamina (she was in that reverse cowgirl for a long time) and anytime she is cast in a flick the audience knows they’re going to get their money’s worth.


Mona Wales is in trouble, but luckily she has already planned to stay at her friend's home, and it's the perfect opportunity to sort her troubles back home. Mona Wales friend, Susan, isn't answering her phone, but Mona decides to visit anyway. When she arrives she meets a stranger in Susan's house, Zac Wild, she immediately feels uneasy about him, but there is something entrancing about him. Watch the story unfold..

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