Adam and Eva

Adam and Eva

Small town girl Silvia (Haley Reed) moves to the big city of L.A. in hopes of fulfilling her dreams of becoming an actress. Upon her arrival, she meets the eccentric brother and sister duo Adam (Nathan Bronson) and Eva (Keira Croft). The two siblings introduce Silvia to a path of enlightenment she never imagined, upending her worldview in shocking fashion. With her morals and boundaries suddenly askew, Silvia must grapple with who she truly is versus who she truly wants to be.

Ricky Greenwood pulls double duty here, serving as director and collaborative writer alongside the accomplished Maddy Barton. While there is a ton of porn out there dedicated to the excitement of step-cest, this movie goes full into the realm of taboo by featuring actual siblings in a sexual relationship, and Reed’s Silvia echoes the audience when she says, “It’s really weird.” Pushing sexual boundaries is something MissaX is known for, and that is certainly the case here. Croft does an excellent job conveying the non-traditional side of the discussion, while Reed is believable as an intrigued skeptic. The strength of this movie is the way it gets you to buy into the relationships. Croft and Bronson are believable as siblings because they commit to their characters; that makes it easy for the story to manipulate us. We cringe when we’re supposed to, we get uncomfortably aroused when we’re supposed to, and we open our minds to different perspectives when we’re supposed to. That’s strong writing.

As usual, the sex is great, and there’s plenty of it. An eye-opening encounter with Eva in the bathtub sets the tone for Silvia’s unconventional journey, and her first foray into life from a different perspective comes in the form of a sloppy, throat-gorging blowjob for Adam. There’s also a powerful, mood-setting scene between Adam and Eva that embraces the story’s kinky nature. Brother and sister fucking passionately (Bronson really gives it to Croft here) as Silvia lays mere feet away pretending to sleep while trying to deny how horny she is listening to the sounds of their sex? Yea, that’s taboo overload. We get a voyeur fantasy scene that sees Silvia watch Pops (Seth Gamble) fuck Charlotte Sins. Clearly, Pops gets off on being watched, and Silvia finds herself getting off on watching. Sins gets off on Pops fucking her to pieces all over the bed. We’re talking deep, powerful thrusts that knock Sins’ bottom out. The lighting is excellent, bathing the couple in erotic shadows that enhance the mood — and Sins’ nasty commentary completes the dirty experience. Silvia gets similar treatment from Pops during an audition that includes a lifted standing missionary that is going to send many viewers right over the edge. There’s also an excellent side spoon that captures Reed’s cute ass perfectly as Gamble pounds her to an unexpected squirt.

A sensual threesome between Adam, Eva, and Silvia caps off the carnal action. Silvia embraces her new lack of inhibitions, shedding the restrictive box societal expectations had trapped her in and embracing her lustful desires openly. Croft has such a sweet body, and watching her get stuffed by Bronson while draping herself all over Reed’s quivering frame is the perfect way to end the sexual story.

This is easily the boldest movie I’ve seen from the collaborative team of Greenwood and Barton. Putting a fully incestuous relationship front and center as a fantasy is ballsy, but the duo manages to inject some strong depth and emotional content into the sex. Reed and Croft both shine while Gamble and Bronson provide adequate support for the story through their own performances. Rounding out the stellar cast is Sins, who is everything you want your nasty porn to be.


She had no idea that she needed to be rescued.

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