A Killer on the Loose

A Killer on the Loose

With a nefarious serial killer abducting and murdering young women across the city, detective Clara (Aiden Ashley) is desperate to exhaust every available avenue to stop the heinous reign of terror. With their options dwindling and a new victim’s life hanging in the balance, Clara turns to the incarcerated Professor Peterson (Seth Gamble) in the hope that he might be able to help her crack the case. But the professor’s assistance comes at a steep price, and Clara’s grip on reality along with the city’s fate could be forever altered if she chooses to pay him.

Writers Maddy Barton and Ricky Greenwood penned this “Silence of the Lambs” inspired story. I wouldn’t consider this film a parody, but rather an expertly crafted reimagining of the popular mainstream film. Barton and Greenwood do a great job of creating tension and drama, and Seth Gamble delivers a good performance as the disturbing Dr. Peterson. There’s plenty of twists in this story and it plays out just like a whodunit that keeps the audience guess till the end.

Every character has layers which keeps them from feeling like cardboard cutouts whose only purpose is to look good and get banged in the porno flick. Instead, they all feel like real people which is a credit to the writers and the performers who brought these characters to life. Speaking of life, the standout of this film is hands down Aiden Ashley. She does a stellar job of generating sympathy and intrigue with her performance and I don’t hesitate to say I think this is some of her best character work. She really sets the tone for the film with her jittery, timid demeanor and that is the life of the film.

The story opens with Reba (Vanna Bardot) and Codey Steele making sweet love on a quiet country road late in the evening. From the start, Greenwood shows an understanding of how to meld sexual excitement with horror and drama. The perfect lighting not only mimics the sexual tension so often seen in mainstream movies by using shadows to obscure some of the action, but also stimulates the audience’s tensions about danger in the dark woods. Holy smokes watching Vanna tease Codey’s cock against her pussy before sliding him inside her is fantastic. From there, it’s passion city as Codey plows her gently in the back of his van. The intimate, slow creampie is also incredible. Unfortunately for Reba, her night ends in a surprise abduction.

From there, we get a slow-burn tale in which Professor Peterson worms his way into Clara’s mind through the promise of helping her save Reba, and the audience is left trying to pick up the plethora of breadcrumb clues as they share Clara’s quest to save the poor girl. Along the way, we stop by the police station to witness the chief (Stirling Cooper) and one of his investigating officers (Kenzie Taylor) killing some time between interrogations in a most raunchy way. Kenzie practically grovels for Stirling’s cock throughout the scene, and the more he gives it to her, the more carnally thankful she seems to be.

As Clara grows more desperate to obtain Peterson’s help, she starts to lose her grip on the boundaries that should exist between criminal and cop. Sensing her weakening resolve, Peterson takes advantage of the situation and demands Clara blow his guard if she wants him to continue assisting her with the case. With time running out, Clara agrees and we are treated to the first scene that begins to scratch the taboo surface of the story. Clara feels borderline helpless in this situation, and the guard (Dante Colle) feels like a pawn as well. The whole sequence is perfectly unsettling as Peterson leers at his two playthings from inside his cell while Clara justifies her sloppy, gaggy blowjob with the idea that Reba’s rescue demands sacrifice.

In one of the more unexpected twists, Peterson suggests Clara look a bit deeper into a man from his past if she wants answers, prompting her to pay a visit to the suspect’s home. I won’t spoil this reveal, but the ensuing sex is pretty fabulous, with Clara finally letting herself go sexually for the first time in the story. We can see her beginning to embrace her inner darkness and her revelation manifests itself as a surrender to sex. This is a powerful scene that advances both Clara’s story and the mystery of the serial killer “Doc” in a significant way.

The sex reaches its zenith in explosive fashion as Clara and Peterson finally pay off the insane sexual tension that’s been building between them for two hours. After authorizing the professor to be moved to a minimum security facility, Peterson offers Clara the opportunity to succumb to his will completely and she does so in terrifying, erotic fashion. Folks, this is as intense as sex gets and the performers didn’t have to slam giant phallic devices into each other like jackhammers to make it feel so. This whole scene is built on the progress of the story, the manipulative dynamic between the characters, and Aiden’s evolution as Clara. Peterson wrecks her physically, mentally and emotionally all in one sitting and both he and Clara love every single moment of it. This is probably the best sex scene I’ve seen in 2020.

The film ends with a nice surprise twist that satisfies on multiple levels. I can say with absolute certainty that this is the best movie I’ve seen from Ricky Greenwood. It’s superbly written, expertly directed and perfectly executed by the performers. Aiden Ashley deserves recognition for both her acting and sexual performances. This is feature porn as it should be.


She needs answers. He holds the key.

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