Sex Addicts Anonymous

Pure Taboo
Sex Addicts Anonymous

Sex addicts sit around a circle, led by Seth Gamble, and make confessions of their “affliction,” leading to some terrific, well, sex from our quartet of bawdy babes, i.e., Jaye Summers, Jane Wilde, Reagan Foxx and Alina Lopez.

We start off with Seth and his three female “patients” — bawdy brunettes Wilde, Foxx and (one of my faves) Summers — getting mightily dirty right there in the Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting room. Each girl is a killer BJ artiste, really choking on that Seth snake. Doggie and cowgirl with Wilde is great. I also dig how older and bolder Reagan Foxx rides Gamble gristle cowgirl style. Amazing spinner Jaye Summers does a fine job humping Seth via reverse-cowgirl, with her own session of doggie being pretty damn exceptional. What a great little ass on Jaye! And, hey, doggie with Reagan’s luscious big ass is nice, too, with Gamble creaming on all three o’ their lovely mugs.

Then, each girl has her own separate (yah!) scalding scene. Jaye Summers is amazing in all positions as she’s plugged by the very lucky Zac Wilde; though I really enjoyed doggie, seeing as (again) that tight butt on Jaye is so amazing, while reverse-cowgirl and missionary (love the intense eye contact she offers) is fan-fucking-tastic. Our girl delivers a marvelous deepthroat, too.

In her own individual scene, Jane Wilde is banged silly by Jessy Jones, with cowgirl being totally awesome. I mean, just check out those wildly flowing butt cheeks on Wilde. Whew!

And in her own separate sequence, Reagan Foxx has a torrid threesome with Brad Newman and Alina Lopez, with Alina truly rockin’ during cowgirl and doggie (love her!); Reagan showing off her own slutty charms when she rides Brad-boner cowgirl style (with some help from lusty Lopez, driving Foxx’s cheeks down onto that Newman noodle), after which Reagan lets bad Brad pound her doggie, with the very trampish Lopez really orchestrating all of the filthy action, herself getting creampied during a ram-rodding session o’ missionary. Wow!

Yep, all four ladies featured here — Jaye, Reagan, Jane and Alina — perform with flying colors … and plenty of flying cum, making it well worth your viewing/spewing pleasure; with enough weirdness in the storyline to make things all the more engaging. Check it out.


The most erotic confessions. Marlene (Reagan Foxx), Laura (Jaye Summers), and Bianca (Jane Wilde) all sit in a circle. They eye each other warily before shifting their gaze to Robert (Seth Gamble), a charming, handsome and sympathetic-looking man. "As you know, my name is Robert... and I'm an addict," Robert says. But like all of them, it's not heroin or booze that's his addiction and affliction --he's a sex addict. Laura (Jaye Summers) sits in silence but it becomes clear that she's not just watching the party, but staring at one guy in particular - Vince (Zac Wild) - as he laughs and jokes along with a pretty girl across the room. She looks on with a bit of envy, clearly wishing she could take the place of the girl he's talking to. Teen Bianca (Jane Wilde) is giggling wildly and gasping at the outrageous things her boyfriend is saying on the other end of the line, which seem like provocative sexual advances. Bianca clearly loves the chase and is playing hard to get, telling him playfully to stop, he's so bad, she isn't even at her own house! Marlene (Reagan Foxx), is fussing when her boyfriend, Tom (Brad Newman), comes up behind her and puts his hands comfortingly on her shoulders. Just relax, he tells her, she just needs to breathe and not stress out so much. She tells him she can't help but be worried - this is her one chance to reconnect with Alyssa (Alina Lopez), and she doesn't want to screw it up.

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