The Pledge

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The Pledge

Falcon’s storied “Pledge Master” series that began in 1988 is revived in this erotic tale of manipulation, betrayal and the use of sex as a weapon among hunky fraternity brothers. “The Pledge” is particularly notable for being co-director Chi Chi LaRue’s first condomless feature. Devin Franco and Brandon Wilde always deliver, but MVP honors go to potty-mouthed Trevor Miller and the sexually ravenous Colton Reece.

Miller, inked and broodingly handsome with an impressive square jaw, and his crony Tyson Rush put Wilde through his paces as a prospective pledge. Wilde is a power-bottom, par excellence, and he easily keeps up with both tops as they stretch his hole. First, however, he superbly sucks their cocks to full readiness and uses his gasping and groaning as encouragement.

Miller has an enticing predilection for dirty talk, which is on display in his first threesome and really blooms when he orders two more pledges to service each other for his own enjoyment. Tristan Hunter and Steven Lee are lookalike studs; they use maple syrup to get started, trade oral favors and then Lee delivers an expert fuck that begins slowly and sensually as he gradually increases his intensity. (Lee is a go-go dancer, no surprise given that kind of hip control).

Zak Bishop is slender and fit and wolfishly handsome, while Nic Sahara is lean, tatted and amiable. The latter is willing to go to any lengths to be sponsored as a fraternity pledge and Bishop takes full advantage by ordering Sahara to fuck him. Bishop’s stern demeanor disappears with a cock in his ass and he becomes compliant as Sahara, a terrific topman, pile-drives his hole (“Oh, that feels so good!” he moans).

Reece blindfolds Franco to spice up their passionate suck-and-fuck session. They are both similarly built like runners or gymnasts and Reece, like Miller, clearly enjoys indulging his alpha-dominant tendencies with dirty talk. Franco is a superb sexual performer whose submissive vibe blossoms when he’s being eaten out, fingered and then fucked by a top that knows what he’s doing. (And Franco’s beautiful ass in snug white briefs is a thing of wonder.)

Miller’s duplicitous, manipulative machinations are uncovered and he is made the center of a fraternity-wide gang bang. Fans of submission and power exchange will enjoy watching the butch, surly Miller have his bubble butt plowed by his fraternity brothers. Reece’s wanton sexual hunger in the group scenario is almost ridiculously arousing; all of that testosterone must have really turned his crank.


In the tradition of the iconic Pledge Master franchise, which includes The Pledge Masters, New Pledgemaster, and Pledgemaster: The Hazing, Falcon Studios invites you to experience The Pledge. These college freshmen are willing to do anything to get a coveted spot in the hottest fraternity on campus. Their quest for validation and acceptance from their potential frat brothers becomes a lusty tale of intrigue, desire and deception that always leads to steamy bareback encounters. Join award-winning co-directors Chi Chi LaRue and Tony Dimarco as they deliver a blockbuster collegiate adventure featuring nine horny frat studs looking for all the raw college dick and ass they can grab. Go balls deep in brotherhood with The Pledge and see if you have what it takes to swear a lifetime of secrecy to the fraternity.

Brandon Wilde sits for his pledge interview with Trevor Miller and Tyson Rush. To prove that he has what it takes to join the brotherhood, Brandon bends over to let Tyson and Trevor tag team him bareback until both his mouth and ass are filled with their cum. Nic Sahara wants Zak Bishop to sponsor his pledge to the fraternity. Zak sees an opportunity and gets Nic out of his jeans. After sucking the college freshman's big uncut dick, Zak bends over to take every bare inch Nic can give him. Will a load in Zak's ass be enough for Nic to get his pledge? Steven Lee and Tristan Hunter get invited to visit the fraternity. When they arrive, Trevor Miller teaches them all about what being a frat brother means. The duo does everything Trevor commands including sucking cock and fucking raw as Trevor looks on with his dick in his hand. Will the show of loyalty and bonding gain them enough favor to get The Pledge?

Colton Reece blindfolds Devin Franco to drive him to an undisclosed location. Once there, Colton fucks the sight-deprived stud aggressively, stretching his hole to the limits until Devin is drenched with cum. It's a sudden turn of events at the final hazing ceremony when Devin takes charge to put Trevor in a submissive position at the fraternity initiation orgy. Blowjobs break out around the room and soon Colton, Nic, Zak, and Brandon are all lined up to plug both of Trevor's holes for his betrayals. After each of the five hunks in the room have a go at Trevor's ass, they each blast their loads and cover the disgraced brother with jizz. Will Trevor be allowed to stay in the fraternity?

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