At Large

A six-scene crime thriller written, directed, co-edited and scored by Steve Cruz with a plum role for studio exclusive Ricky Larkin as a gruff, morally corrupt detective investigating a puzzling murder. Larkin is quite good, but Dante Colle deftly steals the show as a key player in the crime.

Poor Alexander Kristov is lying dead on a couch, his naked ass exposed, as hunky police investigators process the crime scene. Larkin snags a laptop from evidence and walks it to the crime lab, where Zario Travezz is busily looking into microscopes. Larkin hands him the laptop for examination and then strips down, which Travezz can’t resist. Larkin grunts and growls as he uses Travezz for his own enjoyment; watch for the quick moment when Larkin takes a deep sniff of Travezz’s exposed crack. Nice touch, Mr. Cruz. They fuck hungrily and both men pump out sticky loads. Travezz nicely tosses off some witty dialogue. (“A lubed-up laptop full of porn? For me? You’ve got to work on your foreplay,” Travezz says with a smirk.)

Colle is a mild-mannered psychic who phones a suspicious Larkin with visions of the crime — and the hookup that preceded it. Kristov and Marco Napoli are similar burly, bearded studs and they share a friendly chemistry. Napoli, especially, grins and bellows as Kristov stuffs him with cock; the topman remains fully in control even when he flips the script to ride Napoli’s boner.

Colle, whose character is blind, fails again to convince Larkin that his psychic visions are genuine; back home, he and boyfriend Logan Stevens enjoy a sizzling sex session that begins in the shower and moves to the bedroom. They are a comely pair indeed and their lovemaking has a sensual, tactile edge. Colle is a confident topman to a compliant Stevens; “I can feel your asshole squeezing my cock,” he moans as Stevens is climaxing.

Stevens sneaks away from a sleeping Colle and soon the mysterious killer arrives. Officers Liam Knox and Sharok respond to a distress call but the killer is gone; they’re supposed to hang out to protect Colle, but they flip-fuck instead. Both men are musclebound slabs of beef and their oral favors and assplay are rowdy and exciting.

Knox awakens after a blow to the head to discover Sharok and Colle missing. Larkin races to find the killer, who has Colle bound and gagged while he forces Sharok to suck him off.

Larkin locates the killer, who takes him down with a bullet to the chest; in the afterlife, Larkin encounters spirits played by Logan Moore and Diaz who treat him to a rousing threesome as encouragement to return to the land of the living and bring the killer to justice — or to tempt him to give up and stay dead. Moore is a handsome bearded stud, while Diaz brings an especially forceful, power-bottom energy to their sexplay.

Tech credits are strong, including sound and editing. Even with a nearly three-hour running time, Cruz keeps the action moving briskly and his skilled eye for paring men with genuine sexual chemistry really shines through.


With a killer At Large, how far would you go to catch him? What risks would you take? Hunky detective Ricky Larkin's is on the case and he's willing to go all the way. Watch as he navigates through a mysterious web of sex, intrigue and jaw dropping twists that will leave you scratching your head and jerking your cock again and again. Join award-winning director Steve Cruz and ten hung studs as they take you on an intricate journey of crime, passion, and hardcore sex in this blockbuster feature written and scored by the director himself.

When Ricky takes a laptop as evidence from Alexander Kristov's murder scene to forensics expert Zario Travezz he gets more than a new case of diagnostics when Ricky makes his move. Zario hops on to ride Ricky's massive dick until both hard studs drop their loads all over Zario's cock. Ricky gets an anonymous call from Dante Colle, a blind, psychic witness, who has a vision of a man in black watching Marco Napoli visit Alexander's house for a hook-up. In the psychic retelling of Alexander's final sexual encounter Marco and Alexander flip-fuck and cover each other with cum. But who wanted Alexander dead and why? Ricky interrogates Dante Colle on his knowledge of the case before he sends him home. Dante and his boyfriend Logan Stevens share an intense shower and fuck session upon his return home. Logan receives a mysterious call and leaves Danteing, but what is Logan up to? As the killer at large moves in to silence Dante, officers Sharok and Liam Knox arrive to his distress call. After questioning Dante, they leave him alone in his bedroom and head downstairs to watch for intruders. To kill the time, they start flip-fucking on the couch until the mystery deepens.

Liam wakes in a daze from a bashed head to discover a disturbing new turn of events. Ricky gets a call from the killer who is holding officer Sharok and the witness hostage. The captor is having Sharok suck his dick and Ricky only has until the killer busts his nut to find them. Unfortunately for everyone involved, Sharok is a really great cocksucker. Will Ricky find them in time or will Sharok's talented mouth put everyone's lives at risk? When Ricky faces death, he finds Dillon Diaz and Logan Moore on the other side. Ricky sticks it to both hot studs in a threesome as he faces the battle of his life. Will Ricky choose to cum on the other side or will he take Dillon's advice and wake up to face life where the killer could face justice? Ricky's fucked the case, not to mention every guy along the way. Will Ricky overcome his arrogance and even death itself to crack the case and find the killer at large?

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