An AllHerLuv.com girl-girl movie, written and directed by Whitney Wright, with two horny muff-to-muff scenes, each starring Avi Love — who portrays a housewife tired of her relationship with her hubby (Will Pounder in a non-sex role) and now craving pussy.

Additionally, there’s a side plot wherein, like the Bill Murray movie “Groundhog Day,” Avi keeps waking up over and over again on the same day, the same morning, and, in turn, is given the option of changing the decisions she’s made as far as her love affair with fellow lesbo Lacy Lennon and her, seemingly, waning relationship with her husband.

The two girl-girl scenes themselves are actually quite passionate (as opposed to simply nasty) making them highly palatable for exploring couples. The best parts of the first vadge-to-vadge scene with Avi and redheaded Lacy Lennon is definitely their 69ing, as well as the incredibly voracious Lennon feasting up on Love labia as if she’s been held in captivity for days without any kind of food. Wow! We’re talking deep and loud sucking/slurping.

The second lap-to-lap scene presents a nice contrast between fair-skinned Avi and black beauty Ana Foxxx, with the arousing episode really standing out due to Foxxx’s perfect body, amazing ass and willingness to really throw herself into her Avi pussy-worshipping ... love this chick! So, who does Avi fall for? Does she stay with her hubby Will Pounder, her female lover Lacy Lennon or her newfound fuck buddy Ana Foxxx? And does she keep endlessly (hence the feature’s title) waking up on the same day?

You’ll have to watch to find out!

I can definitely say, though, that “Endless” is a well-acted movie with engaging and believable characters, while Lacy Lennon and Ana Foxxx are superb fuck foils for star Avi Love. Again, excellent porn fodder for curious couples and romantic XXX hounds alike.


What if God is giving you the opportunity to live the same day over and over again as chance to make things right?

Rhea's words echoed in my mind as I've went over the last week. I've only known her for a day, but I'm in love with her! Time is standing still as I try to leave my husband for my lover, Jen. And Jen doesn't want me anymore. I roll over in bed as I look at Rhea. God, please let me have her, she's perfect. I have never felt so happy in this moment, in the past 24 hours, but yet my heart is heavy, mourning for the loss her because tomorrow I will wake up and live the same day all over again.

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