They Come in Peace

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They Come in Peace

Mysterious goings-on after a UFO lands on our planet, with interested parties, Earthlings and extraterrestrials alike getting nasty with one another.

We start with a suck-off between amazingly stacked brunette Darcie Dolce (where have you been all o’ my life, Darc) and redheaded hussy Madison Ivy, with high points being dirty DD bent over and getting her ass/twat eaten silly by Madison, as well as Darcie assuming the pretzel position as Mad feasts madly on that marvy muff; Dolce ultimately revealing herself as an alien (some pretty cool special effects ensuing) and taking on the form of Madison, after which she steps into a “2001 Space Odyssey”-like obelisk, which appears to be a doorway into the alien spacecraft.

A message from the aliens is decoded as stating that they “come in peace” and it’s (surprise, surprise) translated by recently body-snatched mathematician Madison Ivy, with high-ranking officials played by Tommy Gunn and Ricky Johnson, going into the doorway to the UFO (some more neat special effects) within which Tommy meats up with sexy-as-fuck E.T. Tia Cyrus, who provides some choice sucking and fucking. According to Tia’s character, the aliens aim to “build an alliance” between the two worlds. No shit. She also offers a token of peace (more like a token of “piece”) in the form of a raging fuck on a huge black mattress. Lucky, lucky Mr. Gunn. Tia delivers one out-of-this-world face-fucking session that’s loud and deep, afterwards shining in the spoon, doggie and (my fave here) cowgirl positions. Love this exotic-looking slut! And, soon enough, Tia does the same E.T. body-snatching thing with Gunn.

Ricky Johnson himself hooks up with a female alien, played by the always-welcome Jessa Rhodes, making for one steamy romp. Jessa does her damndest to suck down that huge Johnson of Ricky. Wow! It’s a joy watching her in action. Cowgirl is amazing, i.e., witnessing Jessa’s juicy ass cheeks wildly jiggling. Doggie is pretty darn fiery, as well, with Ricky getting a good rhythm goin’. Reverse-cowgirl lets you observe how talented Jessa is in the art of grinding and squatting. After Rick-prick ultimately slams that snatch during a combo of spoon/doggie, he blows his nut all over her lips, chin and tits. But wait until you see how Squire Johnson counteracts this fetching alien’s attempt to body-snatch him. Ha!

Jessa exits the obelisk/portal/spacecraft, entering into our world and immediately greeting/meating an innocent human scientist, played by Ryan Driller, who’s suspicious of the E.T. visitation, but doesn’t hold himself back from having an apocalyptic threesome with Jessa and Madison, who admits to Ryan that she’s now a full-on alien. Highlights of this fearsome finale include a gnarly double-suck — with Jessa providing the most energetic oral moments (as in showing what a deepthroat princess she is!) — a terrific session of standing doggie a la Jess, as well as Rhodes worshiping Madison’s stink and pink throughout the entire ménage a trios; Ivy doing a fair bit of deepthroating; Driller doggie-drillin’ Ivy; and Ryan releasing pud paste onto the famished tongues of our two alien trollops, whom trampishly enjoy sharing the still-steaming sperm with one another. So, do the aliens succeed (in overthrowing our world) or do they simply (and how!) suck seed?...

They Come In Peace is one of the better features this year, with high points definitely going to Tia Cyrus (whom I wanna see more of!) and Jessa Rhodes (whom I can never get enough of!). Check it out.


When a large alien spacecraft appears in the desert, a small group of clandestine government officials gather to investigate its motives. Lead scientist Dr. Wells (Ryan Driller), with the help of world class mathematician Gina (Madison Ivy), have translated a coded message inviting humans to board their ship. Unsure if it's safe, they await the arrival of highly decorated military strategist, General Huxley (Tommy Gunn) and the mysterious Mr. Cooper (Ricky Johnson) who will make contact with the alien visitors and assess their risk. They soon realize that everything is not as it seems.

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