If It Feels Right

If It Feels Right

This feature-styled movie from Missa X beauituflly highlights two female performers. The ladies are the amazing Ivy Wolfe and Jessa Rhoades, and yes, the sex most definitely rocks! Check it out…

After she pretty much forces her way into the home of (the characters of) Zac Wild and Jessa Rhoades, saying that she needs to get away from her parents, Ivy Wolfe shows that she’s a bit of an eccentric character in terms of the erratic, needy way she acts, with Jessa protecting her territory by sucking and fucking lucky Zac’s brains out. Jessa’s blowjob is incredible. Deep. Loud. Wet. Nasty.

My favorite fuck position with Ms. Rhoades is definitely cowgirl, showing off her phenomenal ass, while missionary displays Jessa’s unique-looking boobies; Wild eventually creaming inside her during cowgirl. Nice.

And, being the seductive little vixen that she is, Ivy ultimately lures Zac right into the sack while Jess isn’t around, with cowgirl being one of the best positions (Ivy has a killer tight ass!); though missionary with this ever-moaning/soon-screaming slut is amazing, as well as (of course!) doggie (and did I already say Wolfe has a tight little tukus?!); though I wish there were more time spent on Ivy sucking dick, as she’s an extremely talented deepthroater/face-fuckee.

Just seeing, however, Ivy’s body squirm and kick and bounce and quiver, as well as witness her eyes sincerely rolling into the back of her skull (yes, she gets that turned on) makes it all worthwhile.

Couples will love this short and sweet flick in that the sex isn’t too kinky and crazed, though it is highly passionate; while hardcore fans of both Ivy and Jessa will not want to miss seeing these choice babes do their suck/fuck magic. Compelling acting too, as always! Missa X delivers.


Synopsis 1: Ivy Wolfe sneaks over to her stepbrother, Zach Wild's house while his wife, Jessa Rhodes is on a work trip. Ivy claims she only needs to stay for a week, and she'll be gone before Jessa comes home. Jessa has previously walked in on her husband, Zach, kissing Ivy, and Zach has promised not to see her again. Jessa comes home from work early to see Ivy is staying. "I'm sorry," Ivy pleads to Jessa, "please let me stay for a week, just a week and I'll be gone!" Jessa hesitantly agrees but needs to show her husband why she is the best woman for him. Infidelity is painful, it has made Jessa insecure, and Zach is desperate to show his wife that he won't betray her again. Ivy listens to her step-brother make love to his wife and she smiles. Jessa has him, for now, but Zach is hers, he is family, and nobody knows him like she does. (Sex scene involves: Jessa Rhodes and Zach Wild, creampie).

Synopsis 2: Stepbrother, Zach Wild, is caught between his beloved wife, Jessa Rhodes, and his beloved and manipulative stepsister, Ivy Wolfe. Zac has spent hours the previous night talking to Jessa about how Ivy will only be staying for a week or two until she earns enough money for a place of her own. Jessa reluctantly allows her to stay. When Ivy surprises Zac with the news that she will move out tomorrow because she found a place, Zac is surprised at his own disapproval. He realizes he doesn't want her to go. He is now conflicted between what his body wants to experience and his sense of morality--staying faithful to his good wife. Will Zach be able to refuse Ivy's seduction? (Sex: passionate, wanting, and cum in mouth).

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