Beach Rats of Lauderdale

Falcon Studios
Beach Rats of Lauderdale

Falcon exclusive Devin Franco and his pothead pals Michael Delray and Roman Todd — plus Todd’s girlfriend, Ashley Blu — plot to steal a lot of money to purchase prime weed, which promptly goes missing. Trouble ensues. Shot on location in South Florida with ground-level authenticity by ace camera operator mr. Pam, the story thrums with verisimilitude and scorching hot sex, which is some of the first condomless content filmed by Falcon in 30 years. Perhaps the lack of a latex barrier unleashed pent-up passion among the cast. MVP honors to the superb Franco and an amusing, bro-dude Todd.

Franco slips away to a hotel room for a hookup with Myles Landon. It’s one of the hottest, most passionate sex scenes of the year, and one of Falcon’s best of recent vintage. Landon is rugged and muscular with a gruff, intense demeanor and an achingly stiff rocket of a boner. Franco is utterly compliant, sucking hungrily on Landon’s cock and arching his back with pleasure as Landon fingers him. The older man throws a superb fuck into the younger stud, grumbling and growling as he takes his own sweet time and indulges himself with Franco. He blasts a sweaty, sticky cumshot and then fingers Franco to climax, who erupts with a wild, body-shuddering cumshot.

Todd, now pleasantly high (“My teeth are all fuckin’ numb!”), is enjoying a hot tub when his weed dealer Manuel Skye — a square-jawed stud built like a brick wall and bulging out of a tiny swimsuit — shows up and easily seduces Todd. The gorgeous men are quite a sight for sore eyes as they make love on a windy night as the water in their hot tub changes color. They move indoors for the remainder of their passionate, frenzied sexplay. Skye is alpha-dominant as he issues orders to a butch, up-for-anything Todd, who jacks out a sticky load as he’s being fucked. Skye blasts out a load that coats Todd’s cock and balls, then fucks him again and licks the cum off of his pumped chest.

The central quartet tool around town in a convertible and thoroughly partakes of their new stash. The arrival of Todd’s parole officer puts a crimp in their partying. Vadim Black — dark hair, bright blue eyes, scruffy, heavily inked — and Delray cross paths and the former takes note of the fact that Delray is thoroughly lit. He offers a passionate, sensual fuck session in exchange for a line on the group’s weed stash. Black films Delray’s oral favors with his cell phone camera, eats him out and then fucks Delay with confidence as the latter grumbles and moans. Delray blasts a load, with help from Black’s hands, as he is being fucked, then Black jerks out a fountain of cum onto Delray’s ass, balls and stretched hole.

Black plots to steal the weed from Franco — Dimarco includes an eye-catching shot of Black staring directly into the camera as vape clouds swirl around his head — and his plan includes an oral-only threesome initiated by Scott DeMarco, built like a handsome fratboy-jock. He lures Franco into a secluded section of a nearby park for a blowjob — without exchanging a word — when Black appears to make it a threesome. DeMarco, like Franco, is a skilled, hungry oralist and they deep-throat with pleasure. He and Black jack out loads onto Franco’s handsome features and eager tongue.

Later that night, a desperate Franco seeks refuge in an isolated rest stop bathroom and cruises studly, coolly confident JJ Knight. Franco slavishly sucks down Knight’s imposingly thick python and then flips around for a bout of particularly good assplay. Knight fucks Franco until the eyes roll back into his head and he blasts another splattery cumshot.

There is yet one more twist — plus a confession from a key character — to close out the film, a sexy, smoothly lensed caper with a standout performance from Franco.


Whether they're looking to score some weed or hook up on the DL, the Beach Rats of Lauderdale will do whatever it takes to get some. When Lauderdale is dry with no weed in sight, one of the Beach Rats hatch a plan to score big. It's risky for the group but the venture pays off. Follow this group of studs on a raw, wild, sexually-charged ride around the seedy side of South Florida. Join award-winning director Tony Dimarco as he takes eight hung and horny hunks on this sun-soaked bareback, blockbuster adventure, Falcon Studios' first condom-free release in nearly 30 years. The Beach Rats of Lauderdale delivers intrigue and intensity, along with plenty of big bare cocks, eager asses, and hungry mouths to keep you coming back for more. You know you want to find out what will happen to the Beach Rats of Lauderdale.

Hard on himself up for being a part of the criminal plan, Devin Franco seeks refuge in an intense fuck with an aggressive hot daddy, Myles Landon, to forget his troubles. When they meet up, Myles flashes his massive cock and rams it in raw into Devin's ass. Weed dealer Manuel Skye makes it clear that Roman Todd won't get any weed unless he puts out. Roman does his part, giving up his smooth hole to Manuel's massive, uncut dick. Manuel finishes up on Roman's ass and gives Roman the weed he was promised. Beach rat Michael DelRay runs into his buddy Vadim Black while skateboarding. Vadim sees what Michael is holding, and he wants some bud. Vadim makes a move while they toke, and Michael offers up his tight ass. Vadim pumps Michael's ass, while he pumps him for information on who's got the weed. Michael gives up his ass to a load and spills the info.

With his newfound knowledge, Vadim concocts a plan to steal the weed from Devin. Vadim gets his pal Scott Demarco to cruise Devin on the beach and lead him to a park, where Devin happily gets on his knees. Shady Vadim joins in until Devin is covered with giant loads of cum. Scott makes off with Devin's backpack of weed, while Devin is finishing off Vadim. With his face dripping in cum, Devin realizes that that the score has been stolen. Devin goes back and to tell the gang that he lost their weed, and a huge argument breaks out, causing Devin to run off in search of a random stranger to pound his ass. Devin ends up in a highway rest stop where hung stud JJ Knight fills Devin's ass with his massive dick and a giant load of cum as a stranger looks on. When the restroom door opens one final time, Devin finds his fate hanging in the balance.

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