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Sexual Situations

Gina Valentina explores some of the different reasons people choose to have sex in this all-sex movie disguised as a light feature.

Mike Quasar assembles a very good cast here, though I was definitely left wanting more out of the narrative, which is not an issue I typically have with Quasar’s feature films. We open with Gina Valentina narrating the story action while typing away on her laptop. This presents the viewer with an interesting premise, because we are not sure if Gina is a reporter working on a story, a blogger updating her content, a student working on some kind of written project or simply a citizen writing in a personal diary. We also never learn whether or not Gina’s character has any connection to the rest of the characters in the film although I can admit it is not necessary for this question to be answered in a film of this type.

Still, if I could have just gotten a hint of why Gina was writing/narrating the action I would have connected more with this movie. Despite all that, the settings and sex are all quite good and Quasar does a nice job varying the look and feel of each scene. A porn feature can be something other than a narrative juggernaut and still present the audience with compelling, arousing sex which this movie does nicely. I will say Gina’s voiceover work in this film is well done. She sounds like a person thinking out loud instead of someone reading from a script. Credit should also be given to Quasar for writing voiceover dialogue that sounds natural instead of formulaic.

Romi Rain and Ricky Johnson:

The first sexual dynamic Gina explores is make-up sex. She opens the action with a nice voiceover explaining how make-up sex can come into play and the intense passion that can encompass it. The setting in this scene is beautiful. Rose petals on the floor, a sparkling rooftop pool in the background, candles everywhere and a view of the glittering city make for the most romantic of fantasies played out visually for the audience to revel in.

Romi looks fantastic in her skin-tight dress and it was great to see Ricky with braided hair. The sex itself is very tender. Romi and Ricky look at each other a lot, they keep their bodies pressed together frequently and I really liked the way she held Ricky behind the neck. It connected them on a very sensual level. Romi does a lot of cowgirl work and my goodness it looks great. She’s just got such a nice ass and it’s wonderful to look at. The scene ends with one of my favorite positions; a variant of missionary where Romi’s legs are both rolled to the side putting her ass on glorious display. Great stuff!

Aaliyah Love and Tyler Nixon:

Friends with benefits is up next with Aaliyah and Tyler sipping drinks in the middle of the day on an expansive balcony overlooking the city. He’s chastising her about continuing to give some trash guy chance after chance to disappoint her while she laments her choices and admits she’s handling that relationship poorly. I must give kudos to Quasar again for his writing here as he was able to seamlessly incorporate World of Warcraft into a porn script that has nothing to do with gaming. If you’re not familiar with the game, it brings with it a very specific stereotype and that simple line of dialogue worked to give Tyler and Aaliyah’s characters some real personality.

Aaliyah is so good at being flirty. The octave of her natural voice gives her the ability to appear vulnerable through speech and her laugh enhances that fantasy tenfold. I would have loved to see these two have sex outside on the balcony just for the contrast of having a day sex theme next to the previous night sex scene but ah, such is life. Instead we get the lovers on the obligatory porn couch (nice deep couch though). I really liked the way Tyler held Aaliyah’s face in cowgirl and I just have to say that Aaliyah looks really fantastic when she spoons. The scene is gentle throughout, but the way Tyler holds her leg up near her ear gives the encounter just enough of a naughty feel to add a pinch of extra excitement.

Gianna Dior and Lucas Frost:

Next, Gina explores the world of casual sex. I’ve seen other reviewers singing the praises of Gianna and I was really looking forward to finally getting a chance to see her in action as this is her first appearance in a Wicked Pictures movie. In my opinion, she’s very pretty, her legs go on forever and her svelte form is definitely going to appeal to a lot of people. She handles her dialogue well and she was very connected to Lucas throughout their scene. I think my favorite part was the missionary. Lucas just laid right top of her and pumped into her slowly as they looked into one another’s eyes. It was awesome.

Candace Dare and Charles Dera:

Since Gina explored the dynamic of make-up sex earlier in the movie, it only made sense that she talk about break-up sex as well. This scene was easily the most aggressive scene in the movie (fitting) and Charles Dera really handled himself in the setup perfectly. Candace stumbled a bit with her dialogue, but she more than made up for it with the sex. Another specific commendation is deserved here for a small but impactful detail. Charles rips Candace’s pants halfway down her legs and presses her up against the wall desperately. His hands are all over her as if he’s never going to touch her again, which based on their conversation is an accurate assumption.

He then carries her to the couch aggressively, with her pants still bunched around her calves. What a great creative choice! That was an effective detail and it added great heat to the scene and that heat held throughout because Charles did little things like slapping Candace’s hands away when she tried to touch him and pinning her leg to her body roughly during missionary. It felt like angry sex between two willing partners. Candace has an incredibly athletic body. Her thighs are muscular and she’s got those little mini-muscle ripples all along her back and arms that make you raise an appreciative eyebrow. She’s also amazing in cowgirl. Wow that woman can ride!

Gina Valentina and Derrick Pierce:

The final dynamic Gina explores is kinky sex, which the audience learns is what she is into. Dressed in a leather corset with prominent straps and buckles, thigh-high black leather boots, her hands bound by black and red leather cuffs, blindfolded with a matching eye mask and sporting a metal collar with chain accouterments, Gina is clearly ready for some kinky action. Derrick flogs her mercilessly with his whip, striking her across the chest and ass rhythmically and with vigor.

If you’re into BDSM, you’re going to want to see this scene. Derrick is so accurate with the whip and it is very obvious that he knows how to safely handle the toy while not sacrificing any of the intensity his partner is looking for. The way Derrick pulls her around by the collar and holds her head, forcing her to watch him thrust into her is very arousing stuff. I also really enjoy the way he mounts her from behind and grabs her jaw forcing her to look at him. Pay attention to Gina’s face when she’s riding him near the end; she looks to be in a state of complete euphoria.

Overall, “Sexual Situations” is an all-sex movie that presents itself with shades of a full feature movie. The story element does not really have exposition, climax and resolution, but the sex is outstanding and the cast is well worth the watch. I watched this movie on, so I was not able to view any of the special features.


"Wanna have sex?" Gorgeous Gina Valentina takes the viewer through 5 sexy scenarios illustrating the various ways that people hook up -- Casual sex, kinky sex, make-up sex, break-up sex and "Friends with benefits". An all-star cast of starlets brings these Sexual Situations to life with passionate and intense sexual performances.

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