The Anal Virgin

Pure Taboo
The Anal Virgin

Two Pure Taboo stories — “The Anal Virgin” and “Good Girls Don’t Do Anal” — dealing with anal sex, with one sizzling segment starring truly amazing Asian cutie/beauty/slut Kendra Spade.

And we start with the one and only Ms. Spade herself, who thinks her stepbrother, played by Small Hands, is banging someone in his room, but she soon slyly discovers that he’s watching anal porn; after which she masturbates thinking about it, then later sneaks into his room when he’s gone and watches the same anal scene, later anally masturbating with lube and totally digging it, passionately lusting for Smally to bust her own brown cherry, which he does, with nuclear results.

Anyhow, a tad bit later, while her stepbro is taking a shower, kinky Kenn sneaks into his room, gets naked, and, when he enters the bedroom, sees her on his bed with her butt in the air waiting for him to fuck her in the ass. He’s appalled. At first. But she manages — that’s our Kendra! — to quickly seduce the lucky prick; first blowing him, long and deep, with lots of eye contact. Hands then bends her over and slowly sticks his meat-stick up her posterior pit. Awesome, with the pain and pleasure quite visible on pretty Spade’s face. And what a perfectly juicy ass! One of the best in porn.

Her ass, now fully greased-up, Kendra gets it way hard from Smally — and way, way faster, too. I don’t think Hands Man even bothers with her undoubtedly velvety vadge. Still, it’s awesome seeing Kenn’s asshole all oiled up for maximum penetration. She groans as Hands slips it in and outta her anus during missionary, gaping her and choking her, as she wildly rubs her cunt. Spoon anal is just as incredible, as is cowgirl-anal, with plenty of wondrous ass-cheek vibrations courtesy of sodomy-crazed Kenn. We’re soon, by the way, back to doggie-anal. And hard. For a good long time, too; with Herr Hands eventually yanking out his prick-a-roo from her bung-holeo and creaming all over Kenn’s crapper, the jizz slowly dripping down onto her succulent snatch. Kenn is just so gorgeous, cute and sexy … the perfect porn starlet!

Next, in “Good Girls Don’t Do Anal,” black sexpot Noemi Bilas gets her own booty blasted out by on-screen white boyfriend Kyle Mason, who plays a dude tired o’ waiting three years for his chick to let him fuck her in the ass … but he eventually conquers the cutie’s stinker. Noemi, for the record, is quite believable as the shy girl, even breaking down in tears from her boyfriend’s pressuring her about taking it up the ass. She finally gives him a shot at her backdoor (“Just this once”), and he, natch, digs it. After a good, balls-deep BJ, Bilas lets him ream her rear doggie style; with Mason having a rough time, which merely makes this, supposedly, first-time tukus tunneling all the more believable. They do missionary-vadge instead, eventually switching to mish-anal, with some great close-ups of the booty bustin’. Then it’s cowgirl-vadge, with some superb rhythmic action, followed by 69, reverse-cowgirl anal (“Go slower… go slower,” Bilas coos); spoon-anal; all leading to Kyle blowin’ batter all over those fine Noemi ass cheeks. Nasty.

Both scenes here are absolutely whackworthy, but it’s the opener with Kendra that’s boner-bursting and oh-so-believable, seeing as Ms. Spade is such a superlative seductress. Love the beauty!


Jennifer (Kendra Spade) wakes up to the sound of clapping coming from the down the hall. Curiously, she goes towards the sound and finds her step-brother, Jason (Small Hands) feverishly masturbating to a hardcore anal sex porno. Overcome with both shock and interest, Jennifer goes back into her room and resumes her daily routine. The only problem is that Jennifer cannot get the image of her step-brother and the idea of anal sex out of her head. The idea of her step-brother taking her anal virginity tantalizes her. When Jennifer can withstand no more, she goes in Jason's room awaiting his return from school. When he arrives, she is found stark naked and on all fours waiting for him on his bed. Gina (Noemie Bilas) is becoming more and more frustrated with her boyfriend Rick (Kyle Mason) because he persistently tries to have anal sex with her. Even after Gina explains that good girls don't do anal, Rick continues to try. When this topic becomes the breaking point of their relationship, Gina must decide what it more important: her morals or her relationship with Rick. A Pure Taboo film.

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