Five sizzling matchups between burly, hairy, inked men who happily, eagerly get each other off. Their superb sexplay, dripping with passion and sweat, is spiced with guttural animal growls on the soundtrack, clothing by Lockwood51 and such flashes of humor as T-shirts that read “Homo” or “Cocksucking leather queen,” etc. Each scene is a winner.

Burly, furry, inked-up Drake Masters and bald, bearded African-American stud Daymin Voss kick off the film with a grunting, sweaty rut. Masters is a bartender quickly accosted by horndog Voss; they kiss with palpable passion and strip off their clothes. Both of their thick cocks are trussed in cock rings; Masters displays admirable deep-throat skills. Voss dines out on Masters’ ass crack and then fucks him, but really comes alive, his eyes rolling back into his head with pleasure, when they flip positions and Masters throws a smooth, confident fuck into his muscled ass. Voss drenches Masters’ cheek and beard with his splattery load.

Bearded, inked Jack Dixon is sitting alone on a bench inside some kind of sex club, beating his meat and huffing the musk of a jock strap. Jay Austin appears, nerd-cute in yellow glasses, black T-shirt, septum piercing and jock strap. “That’s a fat, fuckin’ dick,” he says, admiringly, and gets right to work. He is able to deep-throat about half of it, choking and gagging, and the effort appears to really turn him on. Dixon gruffly orders him around and Austin eagerly complies. It would have been crazy-hot to watch Dixon stuff that python into Austin’s hole; alas, it’s an oral vignette. Both men jack out thick loads; Austin coats the floor with his own seed while mouth is still full of Dixon’s cock.

Ziggy Banks and newcomer Ashland could be brothers or twins; both men are trim, lightly furred and scruffy. They kiss with passion and focus, maintaining eye contact as they savor each other’s bodies. Banks dives into Ashland’s crotch to prep his cock for a vigorous bout of oral. Ashland makes a fine picture as he’s bent over a pool table to allow Banks to utterly devour his ass. But it’s actually Ashland who plays topman, driving his boner into Banks harder and harder as Banks gleefully eggs him on. When they switch positions, Banks is slower and more sensual, gradually building his intensity.

Austin returns, opposite firecracker Eddy Ceetee, and finally gets some tail. (Austin’s T-shirt reads “Big Fag,” while Ceetee’s shirt says, “Homosexual Tendencies.”) The studs enjoy a tender, passionate makeout session. As before, Austin openly admires the physical attributes of his sex partner, and Ceetee, enjoying the attention, returns the favor. Ceetee devour Austin’s crack and they trade blowjobs, with Ceetee groaning and giving Austin orders, which are quickly obeyed. Austin bounces on Ceetee’s boner, bellowing; they switch positions and he jacks out a load onto his abs as he’s being fucked, followed by a helping of Ceetee’s seed.

Dixon returns to close out the film by ravaging Teddy Bear; the latter could be Dixon’s younger clone. They kiss deeply and passionately; “Woof!” Dixon grunts admiringly. “Fuckin’ destroy me,” Bear begs when Dixon pulls out his thick boner. Watch as Dixon rubs his bristly beard over Bear’s sensitive hole; that’s the kind of attention to erotic detail that Cruz brings to the table. Their fucking on and against a pool table is sensual, intense and passionate.


Hairy chests, fuzzy crotches, and furry holes dominate the eight hung studs, hunks and daddies of Furgasm. These guys don't want just any man - they want 'em dirty, rough, and covered in fur. When you see this group of hairy hunks sucking, fucking, and eating ass, you'll be sure to join them in cumming with the Furgasm of your life. Daymin Voss makes the first move on tatted bartender Drake Masters, to suck his dick before the two studs flip-fuck in front of the bar. After getting their hairy holes destroyed, Daymin gets a load of cum on his giant sack and Drake gets his beard painted white. Muscle daddy Jack Dixon is jacking his thick, hairy cock and huffing on a random used jockstrap when hunky Jay Austin finds him and drops to his knees. The two swap blowjobs until Jack dumps his load on Jay's face while Jay polishes the floor with his own creamy load.

Ziggy Banks and Ashland take turns sucking cock and eating ass until Ziggy wants it up the butt. The two hairy hunks flip-fuck until Ziggy unloads on Ashland's freshly-fucked ass and Ashland slathers Ziggy's face with cum. Eddy Ceetee finds Jay Austin rubbing his crotch at the bar and makes his move. After swapping blowjobs, Eddy rams Jay's furry ass with his fat cock and fucks him until both toned studs let loose all over Jay's hairy stomach, cock and balls. Teddy Bear bends over for Jack Dixon to eat his hairy ass. When he's nice and opened up, Jack rams his extra thick cock deep into Teddy's hole until both Teddy and Jack erupt on Teddy's furry crotch and balls.

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