Tropic of Capricorn

Tropic of Capricorn

Six brightly lit hookups (five duos, one threesome) shot in and around a huge, stylish beach house in South Africa and populated by a mix of veteran cocksmen and newer studs. Jerome Exupery steals the show in two scenes; his matchup with Adam Archuleta is particularly choice.

Marcel Gassion and Brian Jovovich are a strikingly handsome pair of fit, athletically built studs. The blonds frolic on the beach, showing off their flawless physiques, and move indoors to kiss and trade blowjobs. They’re both eager and groan pleasurably throughout. Gassion fucks his buddy in a few positions and they share the same eager-beaver intensity; they trade off taking the lead role, so to speak, but Jovovich appears to prefer being the aggressive bottom.

Long, lanky beauty Helmut Huxley is prepping a bowl with adorably cute Danny Defoe, who is still-waters-run-deep type whose puppyish demeanor gives way to a focused intensity when he’s fucking Huxley. Defoe seems to really enjoy kissing and body contact; Huxley, however, is more about the business at hand. He’s a skilled oralist, easily accommodates Dafoe’s bare, uncut cock and jacks out a splattery load onto his smooth chest and abs as he’s being fucked.

Jerome Exupery is the meat in a threesome between Johnny Bloom and Tom Pollock (both fratboy-preppy cute, one blond, one brunet). They display their eye-popping physiques as they lounge in the sun and then move indoors to seduce Exupery, who is one of BelAmi’s brighter discoveries of recent vintage. He’s wholesomely cute with a swimmer’s physique, button nose and blond curls, but those angelic good looks belie a wolfishly appealing streak of exhibitionism. The trio kiss briefly and all three share in the oral favors. There’s a bit of assplay and then Exupery happily and hungrily jumps from cock-to-cock.

Puppyish Tim Campbell takes it upon himself to induct lean, shaggy haired newcomer Gregg Meyjes. There’s a pleasant fission of nervousness between them as they move from tentative kisses and blowjobs to anal, with the new young hunk on the bottom. Meyjes relaxes; he jerks out a load onto his smooth chest and abs as he’s being fucked and shares that Campbell can serve as his personal coach.

Exupery returns to adorably practice his fractured English – he’s still learning – when BelAmi vet and sensual, blue-eyed beauty Adam Archuleta turns up with an aching boner. Exupery is the lucky stud that can provide relief. They’re a strong match; Archuleta is smoothly confident as he mutters and whispers orders to Exupery, who knows he’s got a topman who can keep up with him. The younger man blasts out a thick load, which seems to inspire Archuleta. “That was beautiful,” he says, and orders Exupery onto his knees to grind on his cock in order to bring him off. It works; he blows a huge load that flies up Exupery’s body and grazes his chin.

Arne Coen and Robin Michaux are a handsome, fit pair of hunks who could have strolled right off the rugby pitch. A makeout session in the shower leads to the bedroom; Coen is enthusiastic and happy to take charge as he leads studly Michaux through their lovemaking. The latter is putty in Coen’s hands; their sexplay includes a bit of POV camerawork. Michaux jacks out a load as he’s being fucked, while Coen drenches his handsome features with seed for a sticky facial.

The title and theme have more to with the planet’s southern circle of latitude than it does Henry Miller’s scandalous (for its time, anyway) 1939 novel of the same name, but kudos for the literary reference all the same.


When it's scorching hot outside. And hotter in the bedroom. Here are six torrid episodes for your winter nights.

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