My First Interracial 13

My First Interracial 13

Director Greg Lansky and the knowing pervs at have absolutely gone out of their way to get you off in this apocalyptically molten foursome of interracial stories, with extra high points going to ultra-babes Mia Melano, Brooke Benz and Paige Owens.

First up, we have the gorgeous, all-around-juicy Mia Melano, who plays a fiancée getting cold feet three days before her marriage, so the disloyal tramp decides to have a last-minute sizzler of a fling with a big-dicked dude, 2019 XBIZ Best Male Newcomer Jason Luv, she met at a club the other night. Lemme tell ya, Melano is one fine bitch, with a drop-dead pretty face, stupendous all-natural tits, a fantastic fanny and a perfectly dirty bedside manner (she can suck and fuck like a demoness!). To begin with, Mia’s an amazing little cocklicker/sucker/gagger; though sometimes she uses her hands a bit too much; still, if I had my dick inside that Melano mouth, I sure as hell wouldn’t complain about “too much wrist.” Her tits, by the way, are more than big enough to titty-fuck, which is exactly what lucky bastard Luv does. His huge hose is obviously a bit big for Mia during cowgirl, though she eventually starts gettin’ some traction, with jaw-dropping cheek-jiggling action resulting. Reverse-cowgirl (“Fuck me harder! Fuck me harder!” she howls) lets us appreciate that delicious Melano face, as well as her perfect set o’ headlights (watch ‘em undulate), and amazing waistline; same applies to spoon, during which Mia starts actually quivering from getting so turned on. Doggie is out of this world, what with those out-of-this-world Melano butt cakes. And when the two bent motherfuckers switch to standing-doggie, watch Mia’s mams mesmerizingly twist and turn. Wow! Lover Luv really blasts quite a load into her face, too, with our girl eating a good portion of the paste. I love this chick, and most wanna see way more of her!

Now, talking about a phenomenal said of ass cheeks, blonde Brooke Benz will blow your mind — and your load — as the whore gets together for some fiery sucking and fucking with her favorite (fictional) basketball star, played by Louie Smalls, whose last name doesn’t quite do justice to his thick jungle vine. By the way, Brooke’s largish, all-natural boobies are also pretty incredible. First off, Brooke’s a superb deepthroater; though she, too, uses way more wrist than necessary; still, I love the eye contact this comely coquette frequently offers up. Benz also, like Melano, has boobies big enough to bang, which lucky Louie happily does. She then starts the dick-in-pussy proceedings by rubbing her fine backside against his blood-bursting boner (“You like my fat ass jumping down on your big, black cock?” she taunts him, which is even further dick-hardening!). It’s basically a naked lap dance. Whew! Cowgirl is truly crazed, with kinky little Brooke really riding that rod like the end of the world is just round the corner. Check out those revolving booty bongos. She offers up a nice bit o’ squatting on cock, too; and, with her ass further greased up, Brooke does doggy — and it’s nothing short of brilliant. Such an all-around juicy body! Reverse-cowgirl, which is shot as cowgirl (from Louie-Louie’s perspective) is another show-stopping segment. Again, you can’t help but be hypnotized by that beautiful Benz derriere. Louie (like Jason with Melano) smartly lets his bitch do all o’ the work, eventually ejecting spermatozoa all over her eyes, nose and mouth. Whew! Awesome stuff.

Another juicy Lucy is in the form of Lacey Lenix, who gets down with her sister’s fiancé, Rob Piper, while she’s visiting — and sis is out shopping; whadda scrumptious tramp that Lacey is; and it’s a blow-yer-wad-bigtime of a scene. She first deepthroats Rob by the pool (nice pool, by the way). And can Lace can really swim (suck!) on the deep end! Damn, girl! They soon move indoors to the bedroom, where Piper face-fucks her with his curved cock for a long friggin’ time; then it’s reverse-cowgirl, displaying Lacey’s dee-lish bod, with Pipe really laying down pipe. Doggy works quite well, too; Lacey’s slick slit thoroughly grabbing that gristle, as well as some good undulation action, care of her pronounced posterior-pillows. Glad this guy (like the other male performers here) knows how to fuck for camera, letting the chick work her magic without any interference. Then it’s way-penetrating missionary. Lace is a moaner! And if you thought doggy was awesome, wait till you view Lace riding that rod cowgirl style. Such a meaty ass! That butt is just rippling everywhere, ultimately causing the lucky prick to unload up her twat (yep, it’s creampie time), with Lace lappin’ up the gunk offa his stomach. Great whore. And Lacey’s sis? Well … guess that marriage is for the dumpster.

And we end with a truly torrid tete-a-tete, as the ever-delectable Paige Owens takes on the massive meat-puppet of Jason Luv. Visiting a friend at the latter’s parent’s home in L.A., Paige hooks up with a guy, Jace, whom she (you guessed it) met at a club the other night. The trollop even has the slutty nerve to invite the guy over her friend’s house when everyone’s gone. Now, that’s one horny wench. By the pool, Paige starts blowin’ him (another picturesque pool, for the record), and it’s a vision for sore eyes, seeing this beauty try to get all o’ that gnarly black branch into her gob. He eventually hoists her up and starts humping her missionary style. Fantastic! And he’s really hammerin’ her, lemme tell ya, her eyes firmly clamped/mouth helplessly agape from the pounding action.

Jace then brings the little tramp inside to a bedroom for tons o’ fun, starting off with Paige continuing to blow beef-stick — and not blow the chunks — while Luv-ah boy Luv seriously face-fucks her. Check out the amazing eye contact here with Paige! Reverse-cowgirl (“So fucking big!” she coos) shows off Owens’ wiry-but-not-too-muscular bod. Love how she grinds her fine fanny down during cowgirl. Again, Jace smartly lets her do what she wants, with her tight tukus eventually looking like a can of electronically shaken paint. Missionary is way deep. Paige is yet another groaner! Then there’s doggie, (her taut behind being a brilliant contrast with the round and juicy ones on Lacey and Brooke), which is outrageous. “Oh yes,” she groans. “Don’t ever take it out.” What a great line! I sure as hell would never (ever!) take it out after I heard that one. Jace continues to slam her, with some terrific close-ups of Paige snapper and (quivering) crapper. Jace eventually doggies Owens while she’s flat upon her flat tummy, her ass sticking up. “Your cock is so fucking … deep!” And it is. A beautiful thing, indeed. Cowgirl gives us more horny lines from perverted Paige: “Oh, nice and deep like that … Oh, I want you to come inside of me… I want you to put every drop of your cum inside of my tight little pussy.” Whew! And he do just dat! Though Jace does grab-ass a bit much in this last position, still, it’s horny as hell; with Luv eventually erupting his jizz up inside o’ Paige-puss, then slowly pulling his worn-out weasel while she’s still over him; Owen’s slowly scooping out the semen and cum-chowin’ down. Filthy slattern! Love her!

This lucky thirteenth volume of “My First Interracial” is nothing short of awesome, with a marvelously well-chosen group of nasty, tasty, young white sluts making it all truly shine — specifically thanks to va-va-voom! vixens Mia, Brooke, and Paige. Yeowza!

Synopsis: proudly presents MY FIRST INTERRACIAL VOL. 13! Visionary Greg Lansky has curated the best-of-his-best exclusive and debut IR scenes for connoisseurs and new fans alike! Cover-model, Mia Melano, plays a young bride experiencing cold feet before her wedding in the absolute hottest way imaginable. Also featuring the debut IR performances of Brooke Benz, Lacey Lenix, and Paige Owens. With beautiful cinematography, captivating stories, and stunning models in exclusive performances - MY FIRST INTERRACIAL VOL. 13 is a collection not to be missed.

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