The Super

Brawny, hunky bear Riley Mitchel is the pervy superintendent of an apartment building whose horny residents he is secretly watching and videotaping. He anchors two of six scenes and easily dominates, despite tough competition from a superb cast.

The marquee matchup pairs him with new studio exclusive Drake Masters, a burly, bearded stud with an intense glower. He and Mitchel immediately dive onto each other. They’re a terrific match, trading spit-soaked blowjobs, maintaining eye contact and flip-fucking with relish. Masters is a slow-and-steady topman as he drives his cock into Mitchel’s muscle-butt, but he also clearly enjoys riding Mitchel’s cock until he dumps a load onto the stud’s broad chest. It’s worth multiple rewinds.

Mitchel also anchors a threesome with Brian Bonds and Blake Hunter, a pair of compact, muscular dudes who exact hurts-so-good revenge on their superintendent for taping their neighbors (side observation: Hunter could be the lookalike cousin of popular star Marcus Iron). Their spit-roast threesome is frisky and energetic and they use their camera phone to give their super a taste of his own medicine (although he doesn’t seem to mind).

Hunter shares a terrific oral-only matchup with Carlos Lindo (lean, lightly furred, inked); they kiss with passion and savor each other’s cocks in a variety of positions, easily deep-throating, and culminating in moaning cumshots and more kisses. Kudos to director Steve Cruz for allowing his camera to linger on such sweet spots as Hunter’s bubble butt as he is on his stomach, blowing Lindo; Mitchel just so happens to be working in the air vent abutting their apartment – as wide as an elevator shaft – and whips out his own cock, and camera, to enjoy the view.

Lindo interrupts newcomer Ryan Cruz as he enjoys a quick wank in the laundry room. The two men quickly forget about their dirty clothes and leap onto each other. Cruz is ripped and model-handsome with a beautifully inked bicep and left-arm sleeve. He is the topman, but lets Lindo take the lead as they exchange sloppy kisses and blowjobs, leading into a piston-fuck and wet splashes of cum.

Bruno Bernal is the lucky recipient of a spit-roast from the aptly named newcomer Papi Suave and Max Konnor (African-American, all muscle and thick cock). Bernal is in pig-bottom heaven as he does his level best to take as much of both sizable boners as he can. Konnor and Suave are all business as they dominate and ravish Bernal, who really comes to life when he’s riding Konnor’s face, and later his cock, and jerks out a load as he’s being fucked.

Another couple whose private sexplay is spied-upon by Mitchel are Teddy Bear – appropriately furred – and Brian Bonds. The men share a seemingly genuine affection as they grin and smooch, feeling each other’s bodies, as they move into lovemaking with blowjobs and a terrific flip-fuck that crackles with sexual chemistry. Director Cruz knows to pay attention to little moments of connection between the men that really sell the fantasy. Camerawork and editing appropriately convey light themes of voyeurism and exhibitionism.


Beefed-up hunk Riley Mitchel is the superintendent of a luxury residential property. Oblivious to the tenants that inhabit the building, The Super is secretly filming the vulnerable men during their most private moments. With hot and horny studs in every nook around the place, it's a haven for filming all the fucking and sucking that goes on. Will Riley get caught, and what will happen to him if he does? Watch out the next time you fuck that hot neighbor in your building. Your super may just be lurking around the corner with a camera filming you with a cock up your ass. Hairy man Teddy Bear shows up at Brian Bonds' place for a casual hook-up where the two get down and dirty by swallowing each other's cocks. Teddy works Brian's asshole to open him up before the two hunks flip-fuck and end their session by eating each other's hot loads. When tatted tenant Drake Masters finds Riley naked in his office, Drake takes full advantage of the situation. The two hunks take turns plowing each other until Riley fucks the cum out of Drake and then rewards him by slathering his face and beard with a massive load of jizz.

Blake Hunter is extra hungry for cock and gets between Carlos Lindo's legs to get his cock down his throat. Carlos loves the attention and returns the favor by sucking on Blake's stiff meat. It's a cock-eating frenzy as the two swap sucking until both of them are left with a face full of cum. Ryan Cruz is doing laundry when he finds a box of dirty magazines. Carlos catches Ryan rubbing one out and offers a helping hand that leads to Carlos getting his hole stretched. Bruno Bernal sucks super-hung studs Papi Suave and Max Konnor before offering up his ass to let the muscle hunks inside. Papi and Max tag team Bruno until all three drop their loads all over a sweaty, panting Bruno, leaving him a wet, sticky mess. Brian and Blake confront building super Riley about filming people having sex in the building. Riley gets punished by having a fat dick shoved in his mouth, and one up his ass before he gets a face and beard full of cum.

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